Michelle Ntalami absolves Chiki from accusations that she was in a relationship with Makena Njeri

Popular socialite Michelle Ntalami has absolved dancer and fitness trainer, Chiki Kuruka, from accussations that she was one of the women her ex-lover Makena Njeri cheated on her with.

While announcing her break-up with the former BBC journalist, Michelle stated that Makena cheated on her severally with an unnamed healthworker and public figure.

She stated that the public figure at the centre of her break-up is married to a celebrity.

A section of netizens suggested that Chiki, who is married to Sauti Sol lead singer Bien Aime Baraza, was the public figure that Michelle was referring to.

The online allegations prompted Chiki to respond and clear her name.

The dancer stated that, however much she embraces homosexuality, she has never been in a relationship with a non-binary person.

“I would normally ignore this. But I guess I have time right now. Let’s do this lets tag the people you are chatting about, because as far as I’m aware Michelle Ntalami has never mentioned my name in her messages.

“I have never had a relationship with either a non-binary person nor a woman. Instead, I have always given my support to a community(LGBTQ) that I greatly love and respect. But these implore are starting to irritate me, not because my in-laws have to respond to this BS, but because humans like YOU(a social media follower) put allies off speaking up,” Chiki posted.

The post also drew a response from Michelle, who defended the dancer.

“I want to be very clear and clear Chiki’s name from the two persons I alluded to in my open letter. Neither of them is her. Additionally, the hurt caused has less to do with who the two people are, and more to do with ‘them’ and I. Ultimately, the decision to be faithful will always boil back down to the two people in the relationship,” Ntalami said.


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