Michelle & Barack Speak Out


Fek nyews

Ata wewe @Nattydread ??:D:D:D


BO ni meffi in my eyes

Huyu ndio mnaita Michael?

Na kweli huyu natty dread ni mzee. Hata hajui ku confirm kitu kabla aweke.

Some time back someone posted a gory video from best gore showing a middle aged snitch getting his head chopped off by some merciless Sinaloa cartel goons.

That owner of the thread said that it was the video of Khashoggi being butchered at the embassy in Turkey… weh, ustake ona reaction ya Natty dread. Trump alitukanwa yake yote for supporting murderers. You would think Trump was the one holding the axe.

No one on that thread bothered to fast foward waone the goons holding up the chopped head plus Mexican and cartel flags and gang signs at the end.

Hata angalau doing a simple Google search to verify. Since ameni block hakuona nikisema the video is fake. I think to this day that this old man still believes that that video was 100% authentic.