Michele Ponte VS Marwa war escalates - msungu complains he was fed ugali everyday


Michele Ponte: My Final Statement Regarding This Drama

These are my last words on this topic, because even by telling the truth there are sheep who will believe one side of the argument without fact-checking any information. The drama family @iam_marwa and @DeeMwango, makes money off making dramatic videos. Endless money you could never imagine, one of the two made my yearly salary in 1 month! I could participate in this drama and make money too (in fact my stream responding to them made over $100, and I don’t even make 1/6 of the views they make), but I am tired of participating in this BS, I want to focus on travel videos.

So here is my version of the story, and if you don’t believe me, please go fact-checking by watching all my videos. Don’t simply believe Marwa doing random accusations. Once I landed in Africa, Dee wanted to collab with me, but her boyfriend said no. Davy, the brother, wanted to collab with me and for all the videos where I appeared in the thumbnail he made 10.000 views instead of 2.000. Davy invited me to their home, but I didn’t know there was a conflict going home. Anyway, me and Dee chatted every day, like great friends do. And until that point every month for the past two years, we kept updated on each other. I wanted to leave when Davy was leaving, but then Dee told me about Marwa’s birthday, and I thought it was going to be disrespectful to leave a day before he came. For his birthday, I gifted to Marwa my favorite Italian snacks, tarallini, which are super expensive to import in this country. For weeks the package stayed sealed, because he hates foreign food (you can see from his videos abroad, he’s not the type that wants to try stuff), and probably that package is still on his desk after over a month.

In the meantime, I was making videos with Uncle Mo (I opened a channel for him), and you guys, my subscribers, donated to Mo $500 so he could put windows in his new house and move from a house made of mud to a brick house. I was so happy for him, you can’t even imagine it: I was so proud that my subscribers made it possible! But during a live stream some of Marwa’s subscribers told Marwa and Dee that I was making them look bad by helping their uncle: and as soon as the live stream shut down they ran to my room and told me how bad their uncle was, how much of a criminal and ungrateful he is, and how bad I was making them look by helping their uncle build his house. That night they were so pissed off with me that they made me cancel 4 videos I made with Uncle Mo. I lost lots of money, and I couldn’t wait to leave the house and go shoot videos in Mombasa. Dee was leaving too and I packed my stuff. But then once again, Marwa came to my room and proposed me to shoot 10 videos for his masterclass for $500. I had just lost money, and I felt it was the perfect opportunity for me to recover the money lost. So I started working on his projects and I proposed him over 25 video ideas. It was the 20th of November. Now all the people accusing me of overstaying, have to have clear in mind I was asked to stay. Let me repeat it, I was asked to stay. This project took weeks to shoot because one day there was no electricity, another day Marwa was busy building, and another day it was raining. It took weeks, when Marwa initially told me it was going to be 5 days. By the way, on my last live stream, with all the people pressing me, he admitted that he owes me $500. So after weeks and weeks, we shot the entire project and I was preparing the graphics, I was editing it, I was fixing the orders of all the titles I proposed him, and so on. But then I got malaria. And people think I blamed them for getting it, I ddin’t. You can check every video, I never blamed him for anything until he attacked me 2 livestreams ago.

So while I was having malaria another gues came to the house, and this guest, Chris, he is a great person with experience in shooting masterclasses and suggested Marwa to shoot the masterclass again, but instead of 10 videos of 10 minutes each, he was going to do 50 videos of a few minutes each. I was sick and tired, I had worked for weeks at this project and now suddenly we had to restart again? I told Marwa I wanted to leave when Chris was leaving and go seek a doctor in Nairobi because the Malaria was literally killing me, it was the worst disease I ever had and I was moving like a zombie inside the house and I felt trapped, like in a prison. My doctor prohibited me to leave the village on a bus, because it was going to be too risky, but he allowed me to go with Chris.

When I told Marwa I wanted to leave, Chris was next to us and he assisted to a creepy scene: Marwa insulted me for 15 straight minutes without allowing me to reply. I was too sick, I wasn’t able to interrupt him like he always does to me, and he was telling me: you are gonna stay poor forever, you don’t wanna make money, you’re a poor person, it is your choice to make money and you’re refusing, you should be ashamed of having this poor people mentality and so on. I was too sick, I let him speak, but I felt so humiliated in front of Chris that I felt ashamed. But I truly had no energy and my brain wasn’t working properly.

Then I left for Nairobi (and the doctors and hospitals here have really helped me) and I published the video “I almost died in Africa”. Marwa didn’t like the title, and got pissed off as if is his family fault I got sick and he said that he never uses such titles (which is not true, he has many crazy titles).

Marwa also got pissed off that in the video I said that I can’t eat ugali every day, but I was eating ugali every day. And people accused me of insulting his mom cooking, but his mom is never at home, she comes only in the weekend cause the rest of the week she is working in another town. The person that was cooking ugali and sukuma wiki every day was a 15 years old girl from Tanzania that was illegally brought in Kenya to do underpaid work for his family. This girl was desperate, and I was the only one smiling to her while she was getting orders all over the house and sleeping in a room full of insects because of the spoiled fruits laying on the floor. She was fired a few weeks later, and I am happy for her that she got back to Tanzania. When the mom was at home in the weekends, there were beans, chapati and so on. When she wasn’t it was just ugali and sukuma wiki: which I ate, every day.

People ask: why didn’t you buy your own food? I did, sometimes I made pasta, but first supermarket is soooo far from the village and the house had no working fridges because the electricity goes off very often and the son and daughter don’t care about putting $500 of solar panels cause they are never there and have some conflicts with their parents which I am not gonna explain.

Let me repeat, I never insulted their mom’s food: and especially I never called her a witch like they are claiming in their last live stream. Imagine, now they lied to their own mother to make me look bad, and I feel so sorry for her and me. By the way, she wanted me to stay until Christmas, she truly loved me, and in every interview, I always spoke highly of her. Please, guys, go fact-check all my videos and all the interviews I did, I always spoke greatly about the entire family, every time, until Marwa started attacking me on his live stream for no specific reason. I am heartbroken they lied to their mom.

And I am heartbroken I got backstabbed when I thought we were friends. In no interviews I ever spoke bad about them, and neither I was telling that he owes me $500. I did shut up on everything until I got backstabbed.

And I am shocked by Dee’s words. She truly loved me and now a complete turnaround. I am shocked! She will always defend her brother, I understand that, but being attacked this way and her attacking my mom, it made me incredibly sad. I don’t wanna participate to this war, this is my last statement. There might be things I had forgotten, but I hope the main ones reached you.

Thank you for reading all this, now let me go back to try to beat this malaria: in the village it was in 10% of my body, no it is in 1%. PS: I could make 100s if not thousands of dollars if publishing this via video form, but I want to be clear and I don’t want the drama money: I don’t like such games


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