Michele Obama was angry at Obama for bringing her to Kenya

Michelle Obama finally published her much-anticipated memoir- Becoming, a recount of her life growing and transforming into who she is today. She lets us in on her journey through marriage, motherhood, and transformation from a deeply reluctant public figure into a global icon.


A particular revelation, however, grabs attention as the former First lady of the United States discloses her negative experience during her first visit to Kenya; a confession that may help understand why she did not accompany Obama to Kenya on his two last visits.

In her book, Michelle says that Barack first brought her to Kenya in 1992, just before their wedding. It was not an experience to behold for her as she got frustrated and ended up being angry at him for making her come to the country. Her frustrations started right from the airport as Obama’s sister, Auma Obama, came to pick them in a dilapidated car. To make matters worse, the car often needed pushing and her newly bought white sneakers turned red from dust. According to Michelle, this was not how she wanted to connect with her continent of origin.

“Auma’s sky-blue VW was so old that it often needed to be pushed in order to get the engine into gear. I’d ill-advisedly bought new white sneakers to wear on the trip, and within a day, after all the pushing we did, they’d turned reddish brown, stained with the cinnamon-hued dust of Nairobi,” she writes.

Interestingly, she reveals that this was the first time they had to deal with a couple fight.

However, it was not gloomy to the end for the young Michelle as she says she enjoyed the company of her would-be in-laws when they later travelled to Siaya to meet Barack’s grandmother Mama Sarah Obama.


Yeah she’s been talking a lot of late. Didn’t know they had marriage counseling.

xaxa mlady, tunaweza bonga kiasi

I wonder @Purple, do you see Kenya like Michelle Obama sees it? Vumbistan!!!

Yeah, what shocked me most was the IVF treatment to conceive both Sasha and Malia. She was one of the people I used to think of, like, she got her kids at 34 and 38 years so what’s the big rush?

The biological clock is real.

Habari yako boss, good to see you. :slight_smile:

Sisemi kitu woooii, unataka niuwawe. :D:D:D

Conspiracy theorists were waiting for her to confirm that she is a transsexual

Uuwawe na nani siste na tulikubali kitambo wewe ni mngoso wa kujibandika, mpaka blonde moments? :smiley:

lakini mbona ulinituma siberia? u of all pple…na vile i was on ua side wakati @Supu don used to harass u pale Klist…haunanga akili ama nini

Hehe…oftentimes I have had the same experience as M.O…terrible.

Pole Mr. P. Let bygones be bygones. Tumetoka mbali sana kwa hivyo ni poa tuheshimiane. Sina shida wala beef na wewe…

Let’s face it.
From a Westerner’s point of view, Kenya is a disorganized , chaotic, insecure and dusty crime zone.
I don’t really blame her and I respect that she is being honest.

It takes a really adventurous and open minded Western world born person to see Africa’s beauty.

Anyway, I was also shocked to learn that Sasha and her baby sister are products of IVF!
Just goes to show…, Career and financial independence are good But having kids if and when you are still able is the most fulfilling thing EVER.
I’m sure Oprah Winfrey has sleepless nights about it but she dare not admit it.

She is trying to sell a book so she’s bound to say anything to sell an extra copy.

Si kwa ubaya, but have you ever seen Michelle without makeup?

Two jungus at work have shared with me that they traveled to Kenya for safari and “loved it.” Inside, I’m thinking like, ‘hmm you being real or you just want to make me happy?’ See, I know the real Kenya and it’s not “easy” …if I may put it as diplomatically as possible.

On the IVF topic. It’s tough for a woman to have everything at once. The Ivy League degree, high octane career and all the mental stress that goes with it, a happy marriage and kids. I’m thankful to have read about their challenges of balancing both work and home life.

Would Oprah exchange her life today for some kids? Maybe not! She looks happy and contented, you see not every woman was born to be a mom and that’s okay.

Why is that important?

And people say Trump is dumb, he had already seen through her and said as much. But MO sijui nini mbaya na yeye, this time they were at a game and the kiss camera was on them, that’s when they were supposed to kiss. BO made the move and she refused. Very embarrassing.

How are you supposed to perform? Haiya, this is a no-win topic. They haven’t banned paper bags, have they?

Interestingly, she reveals that this was the first time they had to deal with a couple fight.
However, it was not gloomy to the end for the young Michelle as she says she enjoyed the company of her would-be in-laws when they later travelled to Siaya to meet Barack’s grandmother Mama Sarah Obama.

I think all the responses are valid considering who wrote them.

My American gf enjoyed her stay in rural Kenya more than she enjoyed Nairobi.

She claims “it’s laid back and the air’s fresh”.

Yakhont Upusass
What a snob.
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Jillion Bush
Welcome to chaotic dusty Nairobi Michelle! Being used to orderliness, I can understand you felt like been thrown in a hell-hole! But see, back then, you guys were poor, take that into consideration!
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Nash Dianga
Typical akataa…very useless, that is why 98% of them are single mothers anyways. Stay in America where white people dont like your black a**.
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Jose Mwaura
obama has visited kenya four times, ate ugali, slept on a couch, visited his luo family and yeeeet, he became the president of the US. Mitchell should know that his ancestors were shipped as cargo into americas and spent four decades as slaves. Like it or not, she is black. And nairobi is the fatherland of your husband, respect that cultural diversity.