I work in a place where we pay substantial sum for welfare so we can assist in Times of need or gift for weddings,babies the like. But now a trend is emerging where karatasi ya mchango is going round but that’s not even the issue, the issue is discrimination kwa kuchangisha. Its a place dominated by one tribe and the people of that tribe get preferential treatment e.g.Official vehicles za matanga zao even for inlaws and distant relas among others. However thats not even my issue. My issue is denying the others from asking for contribution even for immediate relative but requesting contributions for even inlaws of people of their tribe. The michangos first of all are becoming too many but Id happily contribute if there was no discrimination based on tribe so me nataka kususia hizo michango zote zote afterall I contribute monthly to a welfare kitty. Have u experienced these issues za discrimination n preferential treatment based on tribe.And whats the best way to deal with such?

Thats normal in big companies. We all face that, you just gotta learn how to be diplomatic

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Its not about tribe(and i hate this tribal card by the way) as you already want to insinuate, it has become norm for people to ask for donations for the pettiest things you can imagine; baby shower, marriages, etc.


I wonder how our folks did it… The new kenyan middle class want mchango for everything., them days mchango ilikuwa ya fees, uni or abroad. Hata matanga ilikuwa watu wa ukoo ndio wanaget together to do something. Bullshiet generation.


hata kama ukabila is normally there in appointment and jobs, in grief it is normally put away

Here we even have guys who wont clear your claim for cash if hujakuwa ukicontribute to their michangoz most of which are 3rd party mchango like someone invites you to a fundraiser for school,church or a wedding then you bring cards to your office mates wakusaidie kuchanga. Im usually a generous person but am now tired of this

kama ni burial, hospital bill, school fee changa… lakini upuzi za baby shower na wedding sitoi na sitoi

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Not where I work,discrimination and preferential treatment is in everything, juzi a messenger alichizi, after 6 months of being away akarudishwa job while people from other tribes are given hard time over a 2 week sick off. Another one is study leave. People from that tribe get 80% salary while on years of study leave while others are asked to resign if they want full time study leave. You’d think in grief it’d be different but Nope!

…mimi huchanga za burial pekee,opuss ingine kama hosp. bill nawaambianga NHIF itawashughulikia.

Apana tambua ofisi

:DThen kuna watu wa ‘Goat eating’


There’s an element of duress bcz its like if you’re not contributing you’re not a team player or if its the finance boss, he sends cards za mchango ya shule where he is the guest of honor then he notes wale wamechanga come time for you need money like for an official trip if you didnt contribute he’s like there’s no money for your trip and shelves it. Its become a form of extortion now. Awhile back the Chair of the board, a very wealthy guy whom we rarely saw died, Sema kukatwa 5 k each for burial contributions without even being asked.

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Hizo Goat eating you’re better off buying yourself 3 goats than attending!

Why can’t you look for another job?

I can do alot of my own things in this job, a PhD and my business. I want to start a Community based Organisation .Ive worked in blue chip and found that it takes your life, alot of money but ever working ,no even time t go on holiday with your family , one Christmas my hubby had to go alone with the kids for Xmas holidays and when he returned he opened a business for me and told me to resign so … . I like this because much as its a mess because its three quarters one tribe its like a personal business , theres alot of room to live your life to the fullest. But mambo huendelea I realise is mostly because of this tribe issue because most are relas of each other so its like a family business.

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Haujaskia yenye imekuwa Dec ipii zikitokea after kukatwa, mnaalikwa ati ni sherehe alafu mnapewa safety pins za kudungilia kakitu kwa shuka yake. BS!? Our days kutokea madhe alikuwa anakupatia mbao ya kununua packet ya sportsman for mkanyangano. You go face men out there.

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Thought you had a “[SIZE=5]reach[/SIZE]” husband? Shouldn’t you be working for your conglomerate? Kumbe wewe bado are drawing a pay check from employment? Thought you’d be an employer not employee. o_O:eek::confused::cool:


This one I have experienced too.

The HR was a bitch.She could allocate more funds and cars for the burials of her tribemates.

She retired two months ago at 70 yrs.
My old colleagues from other tribes even threw a choma bash for her( in absentia) to celebrate her departure.

Working is for vocation, not for money , else Id have stayed in the blue chip, where theres plenty of money, am way too intelligent to just sit at home and chop my husband’s money, work is not only as a means to make a living, its for self discovery and see what you can achieve in life , what your strengths are , what you’re good at, your niche. SELF ACTUALIZATION. So its not about the money. Im even going into NGO world next yet I can comfortably just sit at hme ,go to spas and chop my husbands monie but am too good for that, that would be wasting my potential. Oh yes am on payroll and draw a salary also in another company which I work for virtually, so yes bado na drwa paychecks from employment.

Hawa ata walitengenezewa wimbo. :D:D:D:D
I went to my first goat eating without an idea what it really was and ended up wishing I had just gone to nerkwo for regular Choma instead of this more money fleecing scam :mad::mad::mad::mad: