Michael Joseph

Isn’t he a Kenyan citizen?
Can he legally vie for an elective position here?
What do you think his performance would be if he was the governor of either Nairobi or Mombasa county?
Could you give him your vote if he vied?

He is among the first people to apply for Kenyan citizenship following the passage of our next constitution that allows dual citizenship. He is married to a Kenyan which allows him to take us Kenyan citizenship. However dual citizenship doesn’t allow you to vie for elective post here. However as a dual citizen he is allowed to work in any capacity through appointment in public and private companies. That is why he is the Chairman of Kq.

He would perform badly.

His ideas would be suffocated by the mediocrity that thrives in our institutions. I do not support Kidero, but partially I can understand why his performance is abysmal. Implementing ideas requires an environment with is fertile enough for them to grow. Kenya has a culture of promoting the toughest, but mediocre people to handle situation which in turn creates a self-feeding cycle and need of more neanderthals to deal with the other tough idiots.

This goes on and on until every peson with ideas is suffocated while those without hold the power of implementation.

Summary: Kenya is ruled by a self selecting group ofl selfish and inept bummblefurks and Micheal Joseph has no shot in the scheme of things.

if Obama ran for president in Kenya would he be voted for. your answer lies there son…

This is really true.

Not a snowballs chance in hell. We are beyond help.

Remember the choice epithets thrown Richard Leakey’s (Safina) way?

I feel political leadership is somewhat different from corporate leadership, very different environments. Also it is not automatic that good people, or what one considers a good person to get into leadership positions, the latter requires hard work, even Obama worked hard to get that presidency (not that I personally consider him to be a good leader, though that is an argument for another day).
The likes of Joseph understand the corporate boardrooms well, they are skilled and gifted in making money for the few, they are better at improving the lives of the few at the top, but when it comes to good political leadership its the opposite, its about making the lives of the majority better, but how do you make the lives of the majority better if you are skilled in milking the same for the benefit of a few.


Look at the following provisions of the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act, No 12 of 2011:-

1) Section 8 on dual citizenship

(1) A citizen of Kenyan by birth who acquires the citizenship of another country shall be entitled to retain the citizenship of Kenya subject to the provisions of this Act and the limitations, relating to dual citizenship, prescribed in the Constitution.

(2) A dual citizen shall, subject to the limitations contained in the Constitution, [B]be entitled to a passport and other travel documents and to such other rights as shall be the entitlement of citizens

2) Section 23 on Rights of citizens
(1)Every citizen is entitled to the rights, privileges and benefits and is subject to the limitations provided for or permitted by the Constitution or any other written law including—

…(b)the right to be registered as a voter without unlawful restriction;
(c)the right to participate in free, fair and regular elections based on universal suffrage and subject to the Constitution, to vote and vie for—

(i) any elective body or office established under the Constitution;
(ii) any office of any political party of which the citizen is a member;
(iii) vote in any referendum;

(e) the right to be appointed to a public office subject to the Constitution and other relevant laws;

(f) if the person is a citizen by birth and does not owe allegiance to any other state, the right to vie for any elective office as President or Deputy President subject Article 78 and 137 of the Constitution.


Kenyan have unique habits in all sectors !

Peculiar habits!
I see what you did there.

Sasa unamaanisha anaeza vie for any elective post? Umesoma hapa?
Citizenship and leadership
A person is not eligible for election or appointment to a State office unless the person is a citizen of Kenya.

A State officer or a member of the defence forces shall not hold dual citizenship.

Clauses (1) and (2) do not apply to—

judges and members of commissions; or

any person who has been made a citizen of another country by operation of that country’s law, without ability to opt out.

Wakisimama na Waititu, hawezi mchapa. On a serious note, he is just a good serious boardroom manager mwenye hawezi taka kupakwa matope na siasa

Hawezi enda mahali na ii bandit economy. He is too clean for 3rd World politics


Read Paragraph (3) (b) keenly. It does not shut out people with dual citizenship absolutely from seeking elective positions .

Lakini after due consideration, I think @123tokambio and @spear are right. The rights of dual citizens enumerated in Section 23 of of the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act are “subject to the limitations set out in the Constitution”. So, no. He cannot vie unless he relinquishes citizenship of whatever other country he has.

Micheal Joseph …too clean ??

No…he’s too dirty…like his kinsmen…

Yes I think so