Michael Cohen claims Trump said 'black people are too stupid' to vote for him


I thought Amarosa’s revelations would include some of this stuff.

That’s for election season two, its like loosing all your marbles before you’ve had a chance to play them.

How much more stupid can Africans get?
The Nigerian Army fatally opened fire on rock-throwing protestors this week. To justify their actions, they shared a video of a Donald Trump speech.

Nigerian Army Uses Trump’s Words to Justify Fatal Shooting of Rock-Throwing Protesters
6:45 PM · Nov 2, 2018 · SocialFlow

I can’t believe they let this MF be president.

Trump has denied saying anything like that.

Watu wanapewa gloocks ni D- material na wandiscussingi tu umeffi na kutembea na bunduki ni Kama kuna achievement hapo I seriously wouldn’t expect more from them.

umewaipatwa na mawe ya kisogo from a nigerian Gor mahia fan , basi hujui rock

:smiley: Kuna mjamaa campus alipatwa na mawe ya mjaka kwa kisogo accidentally wakati strike akapata concussion siku tatu

Obienga is like, “Please, I beg you pleeeease lets hate Trump! Please just pleeeease lets just hate Trump… WHY WON’T YOU?!”

“Si mniskilize tu tumchukie sisi wote pamoja?!”

@obienga you prophesied the end of the earth in March due to Trumps tariffs… tena uka postpone to September November.

Unaonelea aje? We postpone doomsday to next year ama? Angalau ukule Christmas njema as you await the day you’ll tell Patco, “I told you so!!”

Mkiwa na your other handle Gerald Ochieng.

And if you are a Kenyan African and say “all white people are shit!” OR “Indians and Somalis ni meffi wote in my eyes!”… does that make you a racist?

Ama double standards ina apply mzungu akisema? He forfeited his right to be racist centuries ago. Fair enough.

Realistically everyone is a racist or a tribalist of sorts doesn’t mean you act on it like Robert Bowers.

Hata,wewe @obienga najua election time all Kikuyus are meffi in your eyes. Ukweli usemwe. And if they were all lined up on a highway somewhere and there was a military tank and you were told “DRIVE!”… and it’s election time… you might just step on the gas you twisted fucker hehehe.


except for… in a normal human there’s a gene that tells you this is murder AND two, you will get anally raped in prison if they ever catch you for these shit. So kuna KUSEMA na kuna KUTENDA.

@patco No one is forcing anyone to love or hate Trump. Tuesday sio mbali, vumulia kwasababu your melt down will only get worse. Kila siku kuna habari mbaya ya Trump, 99% of it self inflicted, you rationalise it away by imagining that a Ktalker said the world was ending and we are still here, so it cannot be that bad. By Wednesday @Gerald Achieng Achieng’s unborn children and extended family will have morphed into KTalkers.

At times it is wise not to reveal your darkest thoughts, we now know the extent to which you would be a willing foot soldier. For the wise, Pombe na Bhangi sio mchezo.

Yes from the fake news, you, Amused and Gerald. We have learnt to expect bad news from you haters.

Ati hadi mpate the type of leader who suits your physical traits and temperament. ‘Oh Obama why did you leave us? Please bring your smile, your speeches and drones back.’

Inakaa hukuwa planet earth hapo 2012 to 2014.

Like MLK once said, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Trump has been lying several times a day ever since he started campaigning (not that he has ever stopped since Obama retired).

Lakini usijali, Tuesday, Fake or Real News, kichapo will be stunning.

Just one of the many lies, yes its all fake news: