Michael Bloomberg

My heart is warming up to this guy. Just watch him , he will soon be the top presidential candidate and he will beat trump t if he wins nominations . He sounds more ideal , approachable and moderate than others . His flaws is the “stop and freeze thing” amongst the blacks and latinos in NY but i hope he will survive this .

Great guy. Would make a terrific president. Both in the financial, social and political realm.
But he is too liberal. He stands no chance for nomination as a Democrat or Republican. Those parties have their owners.
And there has been no successful Jewish nominee in history in my collection.

Stop n Frisk. It’s amazing how in Kenya that is not even an issue but can destroy a candidate’s chances at a political seat in US.

Rights when it comes to cops huku ni zile makofi za right utapata ukianza kiherehere.

Anyway, huyu Bloomberg is just another monied white man looking to buy an election. Even claiming he is a liberal ni stretch…the guy supported the iraq invasion. The only true liberal ni Sanders.