Miaka ya pombe

[ATTACH=full]26235[/ATTACH] @Mzee mzima nikuone unakunywa fombe ndo utasema nani amekupa ruhusa:mad:

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Huu ndiyo ujinga wa serekali - especially hii ya Uhuru.

They scramble like idiots to form laws and rules in reaction to situations instead of implementing the already existing ones.

all recent laws and rules on night travel for PSVs, hate-speech, domestic violence… could have been tackled by actively enforcing the existing law.

kumbaff sana!


I sincerely think this is not really gonna help much.

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Even adults don’t drink responsibly they should just ban alcohol.


I could be wrong but how does an independent committee/whatever its called have to do with jubilee


You are wrong.

This sort of foolishness has not been with other regimes in Kenya.

Yes, they definitely should. It worked so well the last time, I don’t even understand why they reversed that decision.

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Just continue raising the prices of the product and rake in more taxes.

that’s the legal drinking age in US. we used to have bashes in colle (paid for by colle) and we had to produce ID and you get a wrist tag that the waiters looked at before dishing out alcohol. kama hukua umebeba ID hat ukue na mvi na upara kama Ahmed my Yemeni doctor friend who used to smoke like my granny’s kitchen could not be served

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I have never been so mad like I was on New Years Eve. Everywhere I went, even in pubs where they hadn’t organized anything special, beer was selling @200 bob and others up to 250.
Nakunywa beer @250 kwani mimi ni Web Dev?


Si naskia malaya hua wananunuliwa bia… kwani umechapa kiasi gani mpaka unajinunulia kwanza high season?

So said the man-girl who handle is the name of rum

It isnt about me

Mututho argues that an 18 year old is irresponsible I wonder why an 40 yrs old responsible adult drinks to a point where he/she shits on oneself,fights,kills…

Y do u care if u r over 18?acha wasaidie wadogo wetu,bt wasi-ban madame,they get to adulthood b4 boys

Kadoggy am not really in the mood to play your silly games, I know you miss them but am not up to it.

Kwani ulipata mimba ya Dec juu uko na mamoods? Congrats @Wakanyama.

Nilikuambia wewe ni kama ball ya soka hauna choice…

Nikiwa mjinga kama wewe,najinyonga

Yani bibi @Mathaais amekusumbua mpaka umeamua kijinyonga? Life is still worth living hata bibi akiwa kiherehere na amechapa.

Lakini tukubaliane pombe ni upuss