Mi machoosi tu


Ther are chamas for ladies and men with good investments in this Kenya. Personally am a member of chama which is progressing well financially. Watu wakiamua Sherehe kidogo Kama hio hapo juuto celebrate their little success sioni why u av machooos trickling down ur red bangi eyes.
Invest ur cash as an individual drink it with people willing to also chip in the bill. Life is short ask ginimbi

Drinking 20 beers inone seating like a mad man is not sherehe kidogo

Live and let die. Muhimu ni una chakula, good health and a place to sleep all for you and your loved ones. Ingine yote ni vanity. Chafua meza!

Monkey see monkey do

Pesa ni karatasi. Cha muhimu ni afya. Ask Msito Hayati Ginimbi