Mgufuli has become a problem for Tanzania's Oligarchs

They’ve stolen close to USD 900 billion (past 30 years) and he wants to it back by any means necessary

Magu doesn’t want to play niceties by calling them all to the state house.

Those who refuse his demands are either lost and some will be for good and their family

Bulldozer is willing to jeopardize diplomatic relations with countries which shelter the ill-gotten goods (UAE, Hongkong, Mauritius, SingaporeSwisstezeland, USA, UKA, France, Canada, Cyrus, Australia, Fiji, Vanuatu, Israel, British territories in the Caribbean (BVI, Barbuda etc )

The way he bulldozed the cashew nut exporting cartels in the last 24 hrs shows how far he’s willing to go.

Let me hope the reforms are institutionalized eventually.

Hawa watz ni kama mende hawaishi hata wakipigwa equator.

That’s the key thing. I’m afraid though, that the environment magafool has created of roadside policies does note bode well for institutionalization of policies. They are neither well thought out nor structured. Good thought, wrong process.

Ati 900 billion dollars? Tafuta wajinga ukadanganye.

GMS alone owes around USD 3 billion

Over 30yrs its possible. Remember Tz is very rich in minerals. Theres even one thats only found there mpaka its called Tanzanite.
Nyereres communist policies in its first years of independence is mostly responsible for setting it back economically.

Its almost like its competing with the DRC when it comes to minerals. So 30billion a year I dont think is too much

Those figures are highly inflated, remember this is the country where it was recently declared a crime to dispute any information on economic performance released by the government.

Anything that helps the proletariat like me I support no matter who is the originator. Hapa I’m with Magufuli. Hata hapa Kenya wameiba sana.
YT2 just joined the billionaire club. Ametoa wapi hiyo mali yote so fast?

This guy is doing job

I think he has the right intentions. But will he be able to pull it off is my question. Its different when one man tries to do all this from if all this was institutionalized.

If kenyans could have a mangufuli-like president it would be miguna miguna. I consider miguna to have a brilliant academic head on his shoulders, but I consider him a catastrophic politician. And at the end of the day, sometimes good politics beats common sense. Just ask Moi

We need one of those in KE.

part 2

niko nyuma ya megafool

Ati 900 billion US dollars… in TZ … hata kama ni in 30 years hapo umedanganya. 900 billion dollars is 100 billion shy of a trillion dollars!

Tz’s gdp is 52 billion USD so 900 billion is 17 times that GDP! Labda waibe GDP mzima back to back for consecutive years actually since before independence because TZ waliguza 52 billion GDP juzi tu.

If Magufuli pushes too hard especially the foreign countries holding the loot, he will be shot and the western propaganda machinery will carry the day defaming him totally. then 5 years down when TZ is down and broke and not benefiting from its minerals, we will be here abusing Africans of low IQ and mismanagement. here i stand with Magufuli. he should use his numbers in parliament to get the requisite legislation.

$900 billion.
Even lies require a bit of brains. If Tanzania had some $900 billion lying around ready be stolen, it would be without a doubt one of the top 10 richest countries in the world.

He is doing what putin did aftertaking over from yelstin. You neutralize the enemy as they can be plotting against you.