MGTOWs will die alone haha

This is Rev:John Gika i saw him yesterday where i work and he spent a night at the shops, he seems to have lost track of his family because of age ,he is 85 years old speaks fluent gikuyu,english and swahili ,he has health issues at his age he needs care he is diabetic and has blood pressure i have tried as much as i can making sure he gets a meal n something to cover himself during the cold night as i try to find well wishers n find him a better place to stay as we try to find his family
I’m not at peace seeing him in this condition ,the area leaders(mzee wa mtaa ) are not willing to help kindly I’m calling for support to help him trace his people.

He told me his home is in limuru arround st pauls university the Gika family his brother is called samwel Gika
He has a sound mind ,this is an uncle ,father and grandfather to people who don’t know his where abouts.
(He is currently in eldoret)

My Land is Kenya, My story begins in Limuru I and urge us all to share this post widely to help locate people affiliated to him. As i keep saying Humanity always wins, it starts by you sharing.

(Thanks all for sharing, the brother & sister are in touch)
©Gieylder Mwigali…

Save money. Everyone else will abandon you no matter how good you trewt them. Walk in these villages and you will find old men living alone. Their wives and children are abroad enjoying life

everybody will die alone …kwani kuna mtu hukufa na mwingine?

A while back my old man alinipeleka kuona shamba fulani huko interior alinunua kitambo kabla nizaliwe. Place remote sana. The opposite shamba ilikuwa na one house na mzee ndani akipika ugali na kuni. We came to learn from the locals that the old man lives alone and they ocassionally send someone to check on him na kumpea chakula. He has more than 10 kids who are nowhere to be seen. Bibi yake alienda pamoja na watoto kitambo when the kids grew up, wakawacha mzee.

My point is, watoto sio insurance. Your kids can abandon you, just like your wife and relatives. But your property will be by your side until you die. A man’s best insurance is his properties, not someone with a heart pumping blood in his chest.

Everyone dies alone even if you had 10 children and five wives.

Men should wake up. No one will ever thank you for what you did for them when you were strong. Nigga, abandon all hope in your women and children and fend for yourself.

Nonsense kuna wale bado tunajali wazazi wetu na tushawajengea, monthly shopping, transport means even if its a simple car plus servants.

Option A: Live a wonderful selfish live and die alone after a life well lived.
Option B: Live for other people and sacrifice everything for them in the hope that they will be there when you die.

Very easy decision, brethren.

Option C: Live for yourself, provide for your family but expect nothing back.

Save your money religiously. Its the only thing that understands the concept of loyalty

What is being said here is “Mwanaume ajipange na ajijenge” ndio watoto wake wasianze kusema vile wanawafanyia shopping na kuwanunulia gari…

Invest i

Invest something for yourself not giving all for your family, you will never die a miserable old man. Every evening will always meet your agemates somewhere where you will reminisce of the old times

And lets behave ourselves guys. Kuna stunts zingine sisi hu weka kwa hi platform that shouldnt be witnessed by your family members at all. Lets respect ourselves and repect our families even more.
Juu kila mahali nimeona Mzee alikuwa neglected ni Mzee wasnt wise in his dealings when he was younger so the kids grew up resenting the old man then the wife got fed up and pulled a dissapearing act or maybe even passed.
Noma usione Mzee amelala hapo chini…labda ana majuto and hes got some serious apologies to make.

you better swallow the redpill before it is too late

Family is family. Not an individual. Kuna wale watameza kuna wale watakataa ukweli saying it was avoidable…hutapenda.
JUST STEER CLEAR OF THE SELF DESTRUCT BUTTON…red pill blue pill green pill rainbow colored pill…it aint worth it.
Old age suffering aint fun…angalia hio picha vizuri.

There is always a story behind it. Either mzee alikuwa the violent type, anakuja kama amelewa na kuvuruga homestead or he was the neglecting type with woman’s all over and neglecting his family as @Lonely Lover has pointed out, the resentment originates from something the old man did in his prime and the kids came to hate him for it.

why dont you say that maybe the wife poisoned the kids against him? Why cant you say maybe the wife and kids ganged up and drove him out of his land??

Why are you cleansing women of mistakes?

alpha males we eat and pave way for others

Lastly, don’t give a shit!

That happens. But its way easier to mobilise the kids against the dad if the dad is openly being an asshole…sasa mzae akipotea na tea bonus anawacha the family starving no clothes no school fees and the the mzee is the talk of the town vile anachota mapoko huko nje akirudi nyumbani mlevi bila shillingi.
Halafu the worst bit itakuja when the kids watajionea mama na baba wakihave a showdown maybe the mums crying akikemea mzee juu ya umalaya ulevi na ku aibisha familia…boss hapo umeblunder kabisa…the kids witnessing how their caring hardworking mum is trying so hard but mzee ndio the achilles heel.
The kids will internalise this and grow up with some serious rage.
They will deal with the man sacamphoniously.
It all starts with the man. Huyo Mzee MAY not be innocent.