MGTOWed all the way to the pearly gates (1938)


if Indeed there is a heaven and a judgement day then huyo file yake iko sawa given that men do most shit/silly things to please kungurus

The real Monk Mode

He only heard women existed but never saw one…the way we imagine aliens do exist…waa!!

He conquered the world for there are only three things: women, money, and alcohol.

Seems like a fool to me. After all, the smartest man in the Bible, Solomon, had many wives and concubines.

maybe he was a wanker

MGTOW= FREEDOM… lazma nipige pilgrimage Hadi huko Mt Athens nione kiongozi


How do you wank to something you know of. Do blind people masturbate?

Goes to show how distractive pusssy can be

21 gun salute.

I don’t think so…why weigh intelligence with the no. of hoes one has?

Who was the most intelligent between Solomon, Newton and Einstein?