So, which one is it??

  1. You are broke.

  2. You are g…ay.

Its literally impossible to be a heterosexual bachelor when you are successful and heterosexual. Time to admit your shortcomings in public :D:D. It’s about time men stopped using this MGTOW nonsense to hide their shortcomings.

Don’t post imaginary stories about how you are enjoying life in your mansion alone. If its true, you are g…ay. If its not true, you are broke.

In my inbox saa hii there are minimum 5 ‘aki do me a favor’

From ugonjwa, school fees, rent, deni etc. Just because nilipewa kithambutha kitambo

Any sane human being will run for the hills

How exactly is being gay a “shortcoming?” C’mon man, this is not 1973… Get your mind out of the gutter.

Kula mbombotoro porepore bila kusumbua

I have a lot of respect for guys who genuinely admit that they are single because they are broke and it would not be in their best interest to get into relationships. I despise the guys who try to hide behind the MGTOW label to conceal the fact that they are broke.

Ngoja tu hapa wamalize kuwatch debate wanakuja…

@Karoga, @Kodiaga and @Muthafari mtajitetea mkiwa pande gani?

:D:D kuingiza rungu ni sawa na ku sign contract. Ulishaweka stamp.

Hizo vitu ni mutually exclusive?

You can be MGTOW so that you focus on building yourself and saving resources. Women and alcohol take a lot of work whether you’re broke or not.

Kila mtu anadeal na dame level yake. Kama wewe ni mambotch na mama fua, Mimi ni upper level management na senior execs. Struggle ni ile ile ya mwanaume.

:D:D:D:D:D… MGTOW= FREEDOM…The young man assume s that all men most important achievement in life is to marry a woman, classic societal mental conditioning,most men who achieve the highest form of self actualization are bachelor or former planteshen worker,this fact is always conveniently swept under the carpet by beta males.
Marriage and sex are independent phenomenas and not mutually exclusive events, even women marry when the all mighty wall which is relentless and undefeated is spotted and hitting it is unavoidable,this point women conveniently sweep under the carpet.

Mwanaume ku fail in life ni bidii yake…

Kama huna misingi usilete mtoto ateseke.

true. This is something @Azor Ahai fails to grasp. His fat head cannot process the meaning of MGTOW. He conflates it with celibacy.

MGTOW means refusing to commit, because its not in a man’s best interest. You got options. Options create instability. The hot 23-year-old babe does not want to commit. She still wants to play the field in the hopes that a better man might come along. The same way an MGTOW guy refuses to commit because he sees no sense in commiting to one pussy when he can smash so many more.

Speaking for myself, I’m MGTOW mostly because I’m broke. But even if I get the money, I see no sense in tying myself to one boring pussy, when I can get so many more.

However I cannot delude myself into believing I’ll stay single forever. When I meet a chic who checks all the boxes (hot, feminine, & inlove with me) I’ll put a baby in her. And then I’ll go back to playing the field.

wadau Honda CRV inaweza vuruta trailer kama hii loaded with Two dirtbikes na ipande ile mlima ya Kinungi bila kusumbua? Planning to get the trailer but siko sure

Inaweza but itakunywa mafuta Kama shida. Kama sio bike za above 1000cc itakuwa a piece of cake. Harley-Davidson mbili weigh as much as a crv

I prefer staying single …am neither broke nor gay.
sampling different varieties is key.


according to you must be rich ndio uowe. Kibera slums unafikiria watu hawana mabibi ?

you are a large homosexual fool.

According to me, its hard to stay single when you are rich.

Hii ingine umetype vile umeelewa. I am responsible for what I type, not what you understand sewer rat.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:DTrying to shame men and box their choices to fit your narrow retarded stereotypes.
This is something women do not men.

Why are you gay mahn?