I personally believe that MGTOW is an escapist movement comprised of beta males who couldn’t score quality women in the free dating market. Upon clocking 30, they realize that they have been dealt a bad hand and they have been check-mated. Most of them have only two choices, marry single mothers and raise other men’s kids, or stay single. Both are bad choices. Those who choose to stay single join the MGTOW movement to rationalize their decision by demonizing women after frequent rejection. They are unwilling to face the fact that no quality woman found them worthy in a free dating market. I can assure you that most MGTOW members are not there voluntarily. In fact, most would marry in a heartbeat if they got what they think is a good deal in the dating market e.g a childless, average looking, well-mannered, graduate. To prove my point, just the other day the proclaimed MGTOW chairman @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii thought alikuwa ameangukia only to discover kunguru had a kid ameficha :D:D:D. I can assure you if that woman was childless, the guy would have ditched that movement ASAP. I think that is enough evidence that even your proclaimed leader is looking for a wife, ni vile anapatana tu na rejects. If you are a young lion, think twice before following these guys. Most of them are not MGTOW voluntarily. Misery loves company. Don’t condemn yourself to a path they are currently actively trying to get out of unsuccessfully. If you get a good deal in the dating market, marry.


@M2Random do you know university graduates we make up only 7% of the human population?

This is a battalion of betas that thought being nice will win them girls. They invested heavily emotionally but ended in friendzone. They then became bitter with women

Watu wa plantation wameanza kucatch feelings. Great job MGTOW.

And the discourse continues

Azor I agree with you again. Don’t be mad at me for that kikikiki. My nephews told me MGTOW is for bitter dudes hiding behind keyboards because they have failed in life. I seeked further and asked my young work colleagues na hawajuani…they said the same thing.
BTW that movement is not big in the UK. I told @Makamuzi that and he told me I am lying kikiki. Here… we are trying to resurrect the dead institution that is marriage or family.

Shoshoste niaje…naeza kulamba kuma?

Plagiarism and disguise should attract treason

Naaah that will never happen.


Explain some more…the cyber laws being passed in the UK now mean that even politicians lying to us on their campaign trails can be held accountable.
No room for cyber bullies.

:D:D:D @cortedivoire uko na ufala sana

I am me not any other person…

This opening statement proves you are an idiot as villagers assert. An opinion is like an asshole. Everyone has one. The mere fact that everyone has an asshole is no cue to show it to the world.
Besides, there isn’t anything new you are saying. You are simply summarising what other lost sheep have been saying. You could as well have posted hii upuzi kwa threads zingine za MGTOW.


Better still, you could have ignored the thread like the asshole you are.

So it’s better to stay in an unhealthy marriage or marry the wrong partner just because the society expects you to get married at a certain age…

Why do niggas expect everyone to follow their lost causes?
Or spend time pushing round pegs into square holes?

:D:D:D:D:D… Ignorance ni kitu Mbaya zaidi,first marriage is only beneficial to women and not Men in terms of social economic and physical s resources, Two, child rearing and marriage are independent phenomenon and not mutually exclusive,Three,to seek societal/ female validation is the height of being a beta male,internal validation is alpha, lastly men provisioning capabilities increase with age so does their value in the sexual market place ,while women value tanks with age irregardless of her social economic status.