MGTOW, what you've been missing

Before you watch the video, think about this…

You come home,
Sit down on your arm chair,
Make some tea for yourself,
And all around you there’s silence,
Everyone decide for themselves whether that is loneliness or freedom.

It’s Life

Such girls and women are few and far between

[SIZE=6]“He who finds a wife finds a good thing and receives favor from the Lord.” Proverbs 18:22[/SIZE]

Admittedly, that looks like a happy home, but planteshen bado hatuingii.


Mhh that looks like a joyfull home , they all look happy but mtu kama @uwesmake akiingia kwa nyumba ni kuinamisha kupipi kitchen

A wife who still dances for or with her husband. Beautiful.

Pewa Like.

Errr… huyo ni bibi yake?

Kama bibi ako hapo kando anameza waru moto ama anaonyesha symptoms za malaria.

Tulia kwa plantation uwache kusimbua watu.

As an alpha mail, I do recognize that there are happy marriages out there. But a very small percentage. In fact you must be very surprised because you have never seen such a thing in your entire clan or neighborhood. Just ask here howm many talkers have fun with their wives. The statistics will give you answer
ALPHA MAIL=Peace Quiet and Freedom



What is the story behind the picture?

:D:D such a happy couple.i can point out the villain from the picture.

muteso @Abba yaani umezeeka mpaka bado umeweka portrait ya MOI kwa nyumba

So it has been decided that they are a happy couple based on a 60 second clip?

MGCHIETH never, marriage forever!

This video will change the views of the one ktalk miano muchiri

Family gives you a sense of belonging.That vedio remind me December, when @ChifuMbitika invited us for end of year party.
Chief, nlinotice mamaa anapenda Papa Lolo ya Moses fan fan

Spread your butt cheeks for him already