MGTOW the bitter truth

No man who is beyond 45 years and is financially stable can choose to remain celibate. Unless he’s a Catholic priest or recently divorced or a widower. Those who are currently in this state and living in this state are either desperately poor or lost in alcohol and drugs. A quick survey in villages and towns will prove this. This however doesn’t mean that those currently with spouses are all happy. Many are facing marital woes which sometimes end up in fatal incidents or bitter divorce.


Niaje Kanuthu?

Lets ask Kirubi & CBK ngafana…


CBK Guv is Opus Dei.

The KTalk definition of MGTOW is different from the original term, which does refer to men being celibate and avoiding any sort of relationship with women. KTalk version of MGTOW is essentially a redpilled man who refuses to commit to the institution of marriage.

how many times will people have to be told that being single is not the same as being celibate. I am single red-pilled and have sex at least once a week

I thought Kirubi had a daughter, Maryanne?

Apparently CK is divorced,ngafana yake Ni dini

Yes. Kirubi has sons and daughters

But the KTALK Brigade are not celibate. They are just confused. They want to bang women and disappear. My understanding. They have completely misunderstood the initial message. Kenyan men MGTOW or no MGTOW have always had the upper hand in these matters. It is a patriachal society. Sasa ongeza MGTOW nonsense and boom, a recipe for disaster.

But there is hope. I have spoken to many young men both white and ethnic. And they do not subscribe to the MGTOW nonsense. They told me MGTOW is for coward men hiding behind a keyboard.

KTalk version of MGTOW also involves treating all women like prostitutes, skipping the courtship process and just buying sex from them outright

MGTOW in Kenya is just an acronym for deadbeats and generally men who fear responsibility

And there is always a bitterness in them while preaching their message to us. Sounds like they were hurt by women and have not let go. Most people have been hurt in the past but such is life and that is how we learn and move on. I particularly grilled my older teen nephews in their early twennies.
Hawa wetu wamezidi. I now leave the building before wanivamie na kizungu mingi which is not my forte.:smiley:

sasa ujitwike majukumu ati ndio usiitwe deadbeat?

Si huo ni ujinga hatari kuliko kifo?

Opus dei can still marry.He said that he is single by choice


Think there are diff groups in Opus Dei. Ebu I will BRB on this one. In his case, most of his salary is taken by Opus Dei. We were hoping that he would be able to run for Presidency but he can’t.

There are v loud murmurs that Opus Dei is a con, in our catholic faith circles. My mouth is sealed.

Which ones?? Nipe majina zao na link.