MGTOW or Planteshen

Which life would you rather have?





Hawa wa Bilzerian ni wasakata dimba wa kulipwa. Planteshen ikikukubali, maisha huwa tu sawa. Ikikukataa, hakuna kuforce vitu.


Niliwaambia hii debate haitawahi isha juu a man’s happiness can be determined by many things.

In my opinion, the perfect position to be in would be to have 5 disciplined and healthy kids, a hot wife who isn’t a kunguru, and very fat bank accounts. That would be my perfect outcome. Lakini the world is rarely perfect so at any point, a man has to weigh his options.

For example, if I was broke say earning 100k or less, I would prefer to be MGTOW than to have low living standards as a married man with children. Basically, below a certain income level, I would be willing to sacrifice not having a family, for better living standards and financial security. At that income level, I would rather live in a 1-bedroom in a somewhat decent area, ride a vitz, and save (for investment) 50k monthly, than try to have a family in this rough world, live in a shitty neighborhood, not drive, and live paycheck to paycheck trapped in the rat race. By the way, this is my view and most people will disagree with it because they hold a different view and that’s okay.

The bottomline is, I think it depends on how having a family (major expense) would impact a man’s lifestyle and comfort. Some people are okay living in dingy areas like rats just to raise kids without any decent shot at life and that’s their prerogative.

I expect this comment to hurt alot of feelings here because most guys earn lower than that and they already have kids. My perspective challenges their entire worldview so they are likely to get bitter :rofl: :rofl:

Bottomline: Have a bare minimum living standard for yourself first. After you meet it, check your income and determine whether you can afford a family.

For example, what’s the point of a single young guy making 50k having a family waishi Githurai kwa plot 10 kupanga line nje asubuhi ndivyo waoge, kukosa maji often, na kushare choo?? :rofl: :rofl: The same guy can live in a bedsitter ya 8k, spend 17k, and save 25k to start a business.


hii kitu umerudia tumechoka nayo.


Without focusing on the money aspect…chagua gani msuri.


Money is the determining factor so it cant be ignored.

If you are rich like Dan Bilzerian bila family it seems like a sad and meaningless existence. Similarly, if you have a family na unafanya mjeii you will curse every day of your life because you will be trapped in that life.

That being said, I would prefer the second guy but with Dan Bilzerian’s money.


Jipee shughuli basi. Ghasia takataka

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The top guy thinks he’s living the life when he’s sorrounded by female strangers who actually might be the second guys daughters busy to grab a share of whatever they can from him. They know he wont marry them, so they are only after the material gain from him after which they will happily settle with another guy.
When the dust finally settles, the alpha most likely have a miserable lonely life even if he hires a nurse when sick he wont have a grand child to send a glass of water when sick… He will try to cover up this natural human need of family by dating younger and younger girls only to sink deeper into a the abyss of pleasing strangers who dont have a single care for you exept material gain. Him and the men who frequent holes like sabina joy are no different. Woe onto him if he falls on hard times when old for he will die like a dog. Have you ever seen some old guy in the street dirty confused and pulling a mukokoteni at 80 yrs of age? Yap, thats him. Wasted his prime on the fast life and women. No family, no nothing, just regrets…
The second guy despite chosing the natural order of things, will have to slave his arse off for family who may or may not appreciate him. He will have less girls in his life, but the satisfaction that comes with building his own legacy and dynasty much covers for that. Due to the fact that he has a family, if responsible, he will have to secure assets incase he’s gone. Thus gurranteeng him a cosier future ahead. The kids may turn out bad of course but chances are that he wont beg or go to the streets after retirement if things go downhill for him


I know most men don’t like reading this, but the primary determinant of your happiness in or outside the plantation is MONEY. Specifically, your income.

A MGTOW living in Lavington is happier than a plantation guy with 3 kids working mjeii living in the slums other factors held constant. That’s a fact.

Similarly, a married man living in Lavington is probably happier than a MGTOW rich or broke (in KE).

So ideally, you’d be happiest if you are financially secure and have a healthy family. It is impossible and unwise to answer the question without considering what how the plantation would impact your personal lifestyle.


My ideal would be number 2, lakini bila pesa hata hiyo farasi huwezi lisha. You have to be loaded ndio uenjoy either of the 2.


Huwa mnanishangaza sana nyinyi watu. Who said that you need to have a fat wife and a few ingrates to be responsible and ‘secure assets’. I told you guys to visit old men in the village who are living a dog’s life mjionee. You won’t find a child-free bachelor there, all you will get are formerly married men whose ungrateful kids and ‘woke’ wife have deserted to die alone. Tembea interior Kikuyuland sanasana and you will see what I mean. They will label the old man as ‘toxic’, ‘controlling’ and ‘dictator’ after he has spent his prime providing for them.

MGTOW = Freedom. And just like any other freedom, it calls for checks and balances and should be enjoyed responsibly!


For most men, i mean a good chunk of men, it’s far easier to pursue your career/invest aggressively while pursuing an MGTOW lifestyle than saddling yourself with kids and an ungrateful wife. Personally, I am doing better than 99% of my agemates who got married at 25. In fact, most of them are balls deep in debt with no way out anytime soon.


The rate of divorce in Kenya among millennials and Gen Zs is 50%. You just need to look at the blossoming number of single mothers to see what I mean. Half of the men who ‘assume are happily married’ today will end up separating and paying child support before they are 50 years. 66% of men retire single, widowed or divorced, the only consolation being their kids and financial investments they made in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. A smart man knows that the odds are against him and its a fool’s errand getting married in 2023.



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In the meantime. MGTOW life in picture(s)…



You missed the point. I’m saying that a married man (with DNA confirmed kids) with your lifestyle is probably happier than you, not a poorer man.


For the majority of homesteads in Kenya, the man is still respected in old age save for the matriarchal Agikuyu who are an exception. Even my brother @uwesmake mimi humwambia he will have to toe the line and settle in Nyeri after retirement but that is just an exception.
But my brother let me tell you a life truth, women and financial security dont mix unless you are a crook getting obscene amounts of money from unscrupulous deals. But the majority of the typical 9 to 5 Kenyan or the business owner akianza mambo ya wasichana wengi that will be his downfall.
Your type are below 1%of the male population and even some stinky rich individuals have met their downfall in the hands of women. I dont trust them, but i have a healthy respect for them.


I think not having a family when you are financially healthy is just as dumb as having a family on minimum wage. You might regret that decision later in life juu utakaa chini uone you did not really have to compromise your lifestyle for the family. I will give you a perfect example. Say you are making $5k+ monthly from your lucrative wash wash business. Kukaa bachelor with such an income ni ujinga ya hali ya juu. You can comfortably raise two kids and not compromise your lifestyle significantly. The marginal cost to your lifestyle is negligible while the incremental gain in happiness and life satisfaction is massive. There is some level of life satisfaction that comes from knowing that even when you die today, you have already spread your seed and they are taken care of.

Mackenzie Bezos got $38 Billion. She has given Bezos 4 kids (3 sons and 1 daughter). They lived and raised those kids together for decades. Do you really think Bezos cares about that $38 Billion settlement?? His lifestyle would be exactly the same even with $1 Billion left. His life satisfaction and happiness derived from those children is worth much more than $38 Billion. So, marriage cost him next to nothing in lifestyle adjusted terms but it will give him enormous satisfaction and happiness in life.

Past a certain income level, a family will give you more happiness and life satisfaction than more money.