MGTOW or Incel or Simp?

Hello fellow MGTOWs. Im ashamed to say that i’ve reached a low in my life. I don’t have the mental energy to live anymore.

I got basically no stable job, no future, my GF of 4 years cheated on me, left me and sleeps with a guy that i hate ( attacked me and reported me to the police). She took money from me and humilated me. I have live with my parents now (29)

I messed up my life. I was in med school for 5 years but got expelled because of the depression, i didn’t show up on my test 3 times (its final, i cant go back)
I don’t pursue women or relationships, i’m going to therapy, i tried working but i cant concentrate. I had to work at constructions but hurt my knees. Now im programming from home for basically very low income. Nothing i can live from. Sometimes i got no work at all.

Before you tell me to lift weights and get healthy, i’m muscular, eat healthy and i don’t drink.

I have trust issues, i cant enjoy life without feeling like an idiot. I still think about my Ex all the time, every single hour. Im not even kidding.she broke up with me a year ago. she basically told me a week ago that she wont give me my money, that she doesn’t care about me or ever want to hear from me again. Told me im crazy and annoying and laughed at my face about the fact that she sleeps with guy i was talking about.

I cry every night, sometimes i cry for hours and wont sleep. I want my old life back. I know, i’m pathetic. My father tells me i’m a loser (though he is very caring and just doesn’t know what to do) and my mother wants me out of the house.

I tried and tried but at this point i really don’t care anymore. I guess this is a call for help?

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Meffi wewe. Nilidhani ni wewe


Tafuta peddler ndom will cure u give u the insight of things that are Godly and stop fucking ua own hand

Ambia babako atumie connections zake akutafutie job, kama Ana uwezo. Job na pesa itakupea confidence ya kuface life

He got to medical school BUT got expelled because of the depression? Unlikely. Missed a test or examination? Halafu missed the same test 3 times? Really? Errr… Tried working BUT cannot concentrate. Akaenda mjengo, BUT knees hurt. Broke up one year ago still thinking about same girl all the time. Cries every night.

This person is an underacheiver, and nothing you can do about it. Probably smokes spiked weed. If he commits suicide now, it will save a lot of people decades of heartache.

So this guy’s problem is merely out of a simple break-up… he needs no further introduction… he’s a fucking faggot who needs to wake up and grab problems by the balls

Ghasia wewe! Nilidhani ni wewe