MGTOW Observation: Between a Marriage and a Hard Place

Marriage yes, I am at it again. Married niggas practice virtue signalling and not because they got good morals or that they are mature but because they are helpless. A married nigga will be the first to comment on a post about ratchets on how much society has deteriorated in terms of values. Don’t mistake this helplessness for thoughtfulness but rather a nigga who knows he’s tied up to some shit while others enjoy.

You are stuck with a pu**y that you lost excitement for 2 years since you started living with it and all that is in your mind, is the amount of ‘sex’ happening out there due to the fact that younger and more attractive women are dishing it out without care i.e. everyone else is having fun except you. So psychologically you try to make it as if your ‘virtues’ are based on your moral uprightness and you hate ratchets. These are some of the statements you will hear from plantation boys whenever they are faced with this sad fact:

  1. An over 30 y.o guy that’s attracted to under 23 y.o girls is just a boy who has refused to grow up. He most probably did not enjoy sex when he was a teenager - when married guys pull this line, they want to project a false image of vast sexual experience, it’s like marriage was a some sort of retirement.
  2. Society has no values these days and these young sluts are as a result of fatherless homes and broken families - and so they will cry. This line is meant to brush away the fact that most sluts are girls who are just cashing out their chips without care for the future. It is stupid yes, but to you as a man why does it matter? A man grabs opportunities and runs away with it.
  3. I am satisfied with my wife and family life and I have better things to focus on other than sex - This is brutal honesty to their hopelessness. There is nothing bigger in life. There is no top. Even well known billionaires paid millions of dollars to access a private island offering sex with underage girls. These men know that they have much to loose if their wives catch them cheating and deep down they regret getting themselves into such a weak position. Add to that the sad fact that them wives gave blowjobs, 69’s and doggys to earlier-on boyfriends in there supposed ‘hoe-phase’. A hoe’s a hoe.
  4. These young girls are just after your money and do not care for you - it’s like their wives would have married them if they had none. Briffault’s Law fools.

Remember guys, there are two types of men: Men who are not married and never will i.e. MGTOWs and men who got tricked by a woman.

Wank ulaze ubonobo.

The sacred and revered union that is marriage cunt be destroyed by empty debes

mama ya mkamba mshamba mjinga maskini illiterate @PHARMACY huuza AIDS infested kuma 50 bob mlolongo

Another thread attacking the institution of family (marriage) so that young unsuspecting punks like @RodyKonki can be lured into homosexually packaged as MGTOW

Even primates, birds, big cats and other animals end up bonding and raising their offspring. It would be acceptable if you promoted polygamy.
Anyway, maybe you use your handle for thought processing and heavy lifting.

Bwana tutaishi na mabibi zetu vile unataka.

Look, a product of a failed home and marriage

Mwanaume ukifika miaka 30 bila bibi na watoto hauna faida kwa society.

Wewe ni kama ile ng’ombe ndume, iko kwa boma na hailimi, haipandilii jike za io kijiji watu wapate mbegu, haina faida yyote ila kupelekwa kwa kichinjio

Wivu inakuua pole pole kijana mdogo

wewe mbona ulioa mapema, si ungekaa bila bibi?

That is your own retarded opinion mzee.

Tricked by a woman how?

Kwani yeye hana akili atoke aende?
I don’t know how unmarried young men take advice from bitter men on the internet(men NEVER heal) who have NEVER been married,who REWARD slutty behavior (fresh and fit gang) and take shitty advice as their bread and butter.

Tujifunze kufikiria jameni.
What happens the day you realize the person you watch so religiously is just a well executed character?

i think people ought to live their lives based on how they want to live them, whether married or not mtu akiteseka i believe anakuwanga tu peke yake, i know many married folks who live good lives in marriage and also the MGTOW dudes who live well too. there are also very miserable people in marriages and well i cannot say there are miserable MGTOW dudes out there because how the hell are you single and rich but miserable? The point here is wacha mtu aishi maisha vile anataka.