MGTOW (Mashoga Going Their Own Way)

If you are a young person (Man), the best thing you can do regarding relationships is finding one person and sticking to them . Ukipata msichana hamsumbuani viile na unaona kuna future fulani na yeye stick to them. Relationships are hard but this is the easiest path to take. The sooner you close the “dating” chapter of your life the better. Life is hard . Na itakua ngumu zaidi ukijiongezea mambo ya multiple children born out of wedlock na possibly HIV juu yake.
There is no shortage of people willing to advice you on how to lead your personal life . Matheory zimejaa online . Vitabu zimejaa libraries. Common sense ni common sense. You can safely ignore 95% of what you read online / anywhere for that matter. There is nothing impressive about a 36 year old bachelor mwenye kuenda clabu na kudinya malanya akijidanganya “Men age like wine” na saa hio kitambi ni kubwa hadi hajaona mjols yake for 10 years. Akipanda stairs kumi anafaint.

I call upon @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii to revwal what exactly happened on that fateful journey on his way to Monaco/Dubai. Heard his ass virginity was broken or something. @Sambamba of all the people witneased this misdeed, and @kah tony the second.

I think its their personal choice. The only thing I would advice highly against ni kukuwa MGTOW msoto. That is perhaps the lowest a man can be. Imagine that 36 year old man halafu akuwe amesota. If that’s not rock bottom, I don’t know what is.

On the other hand, lets not pretend that marriage is a bed of roses because it isn’t. If that same 36 year old MGTOW man is in shape and loaded, he will be happier than more than half of all married men.

Hatuingii planteshen. End of.

Very good advice… i now have 5 children with 4 different women. Life would be better.

You are a wise person

A man’s happiness is largely tied to finances and not marital status. That’s what I think.

A MGTOW guy aged 36 in a luxury duplex in Westie and a fat income lives like a king.

A married man in Githurai single room with 4 kids and a mjeii job curses the day he was born.

Even as we attack MGTOW guys, the truth is that income ranks higher than marital status for men.

It doesn’t matter whether you decide to join MGTOW or become Akuku Danger, just don’t be broke.

On the other hand, lets not pretend that marriage is a bed of roses because it isn’t. If that same 36 year old MGTOW man is in shape and loaded, he will be happier than more than half of all married men. Truer words have never been spoken!


Why did you delete the thread about broke senior bachelors ?

Because it hurt too many of those guys.

Finish them. Unapata ghasia kama @BADASS ama @Wanaruona watoto wake wanaishi kwa viota kama ndege na hutawahi mkosa hapa praising ‘marriage’. Jinga kama @kah tony anadinyiwa bibi mchana na usiku yet very proudly proclaims he is a ‘married’ man. Mwanaume ni PESA. Once u have kesh, even the devil himuselefu keeps his distance. Women will line up for you instead of u looking for them. Just get a new BMW, for example, and see how fast social doors open for u.

NB: its FAR MUCH EASIER for a young man to make his mark when he focuses single-handedly on getting that paper. Going MGTOW saves u alot of TIME, EFFORT, ENERGY and RELATIONSHIP BULLSHIT that u dont need when really have to scale the ladder of success.

Be wise and join MGTOW. Epuka hasara na ujinga!

Ni wapi ushai ona a broke senior bachelor? Some things are oxymorons and only exist in the realm of @Azor Ahai’s imagination. You will never come across a broke FOCUSED senior bachelor at the top his game. NEVER!

Its best to be married and loaded. That’s the ideal option. I don’t believe in MGTOW but if I had to choose between being a rich bachelor or being a broke family guy in the slums, I would choose bachelorhood any day.

Very very few men can hack being married and legit loaded. Especially if they are coming from nothing. Women will pull u down in ways u cant imagine, acha tu.

Most senior bachelors are actually failures in life…mostly alcoholics and broke. Sio mara moja ama mbili nimeona wazee kwa land deals wakiita vijana wao wenye hawajaoa “useless”. Its very rare to find a senior bachelor with his shit together because women tend to flow in that direction. Successful senior bachelors are the exception rather than the norm.

:D:D:D:D are you sure ?I asked your boss @Karoga a simple question, between buying a child a 50k bed and buying a marc Benz new suspension which is cheaper? Fueling a fuel guzzler and buying cerelac which is more expensive?

Define “legit loaded”

There’s a big big difference between being single/child-free out of choice and being a marriage outcast because u are an incorrigible drunk, failure ama ghaseer takataka kama @uwesmake

I am for one living and breathing proof that u can be in your 30s, single, childless and with your shit together and zero addiction/zero baggage with MULLAH in de bank!. Its all a matter of discipline, commitment and staying true to the course. MGTOW is not just a way of life. It is a cult and religion to rise higher than u have ever imagined.

Following closely…