MGTOW Majuu Version

This guy is obviously the MGTOW version of huko majuu. Probably running a scam selling “courses” somewhere preying on insecure men like @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii. These guys prey on men’s insecurities to rip them off. It is a very big industry.

Brown boi nimekupea just a few years utakua MGTOW global brand ambassador

Uliwatch watu kama hawa ukakuwa brainwashed into MGTOW chieth

I have a business idea for you. Make a course and charge stupid bonobos for it. There are very many insecure men like you out there.

Have you not noticed from his avatar he was battered as he enjoyed soft life with another man’s wife ,he is nursing an injured face (ice bag) and demolished makangare

Brown boi is a coward, haezi kula bibi ya mtu

I’ve read your posts. The ones you complain about women in their prime not wanting anything to do with you and then hitting the wall. The posts about father time and mother nature etc. So, I can safely conclude that you have problems getting women in their prime. I also remember you commenting how you never got some in Uni…I mean even my most geeky friends got laid in uni so I don’t understand.

You have often bragged about your accomplishments here which may or may not be true. German machine, sijui mansion, Monaco, blue label, 1% body fat, “billions” in the bank, etc etc.

Why would a man with all those qualities have zero success with young women who haven’t hit the wall?? There are only two possible reasons, you are either lying or you have a trait that is an absolute deal-breaker for 99% of the women.

What is that trait about yourself that repels women from all walks of life despite your supposedly noteworthy achievements??? I mean, a regular guy in the streets would never experience that problem with half of the accomplishments you claim to have achieved.

You have an Achilles’ heel that consistently holds you back in dating hence your frequent rants about the wall and how time will revenge for you.

Nimevuta kiti na nikafunga leso adi kwa manboobs nipewe uhondo

My bet is one of the following:

  • ugly
  • mbilikimo
  • small deek
  • he’s not ageing as gracefully as he thinks he is. This is the biggest lie the red pill sells. Everyone ages like milk. Past the age of 35, 99% of men must use money to attract ladies, na hapo you’ll just be left dealing with hoes, slay queens, scammers, gold diggers and single mums. Even that Tate guy nilifuata hiyo Tate Confidential till I realized the guy was just throwing money around only to end up surrounded by slay queens, scammers and hoes. A man should at least secure himself a lady who is actually attracted to him to start a family with before ageing catches up with him and he has to settle for women who want to use him for money.

Toa small deek because women don’t have x-ray vision.

Toa aging juu the guy still couldn’t get some in Uni. Hii sio issue imeanza jana.

So, the guy is either 4 feet tall or ugly by most women’s standards. Yani ugly design women can’t overlook it for the money.

A man would have to have a major issue or issues for women to dodge him with the achievements he claims to have.

That’s the case with most of these MGTOWs. Mbilikimo, kipara, kitambi, grey hairs, wrinkles etc. These things make men automatically below average in looks in a woman’s eyes, but many men are blind to this fact. We are heterosexual after all. But if you do your research you’ll see the truth.

MGTOWs with these undesirable traits get rejected or mistreated by women, then they rationalize the rejections using all manner of mental gymnastics to soothe the blow to their ego

Or he is a regular guy with socially awkward mannerisms pretending to have all those “achievements” online.

Either he doesn’t have the “achievements” or he has them but is very unpleasant to the eye.

Mgtow Vs Simps. Langata cemetery. Saturday the 25th. Some will sleep 6 feet under by dusk.

:D:D:D Katambe

Hii ni vako

Brown boi achana na mimi bwana

Samehea yeye hapana sema ukweli sana

In America every young men needs to hear this shit cause the court system is designed to fuck them up… unfortunately this will be our reality if we allow feminist to have their.

:D:D:D sema kupigwa masweeps na brown boy


Hiyo tag team imeendelea hapo juu ni fire.
Sweep after sweep after sweep.