MGTOW = Low-selfesteem, Low-IQ, Low bank balance and too much wanking.

I get it, you don’t want to get married and you think marrying is a fools errand. Okay, good for you. But why will a grown man (though most of you are a bunch of young wankers) dedicate his time to shitting on women who they don’t know in person and who’re way above their paygrade?

What’s the utility of the constant whinning? Why will a bunch of ‘alpha males’ spend an inordinate amount of time and effort insulting women online instead of focusing on fucking their supposed harem of young beauties. Y’all just a bunch of spineless, whinny, dumb, wankers. Period.

There are many MGTOWs that just make their money, have a nice life and call out bullshit when they see it, then just move on without protracted arguments.

all generalizations are dangerous, even this one

Hehe…umeguswa…ndoa imepiga mwamba?


Huo mshipa ulikuwa mchungu. Someone call a nurse, someone is bleeding here.

The movement started out good until incels infiltrated it.
Now it’s no longer self improvement ,just hating on women.

They became like the feminists they hate on.

Exactly… Bitter lossers don’t understand the essence of MGTOW.

This applies to @Karoga , the ever confused chairman of this confused movement

That’s why @Kodiaga, @Karoga and company celebrate the mighty wall as if they are growing younger everyday:D:D
The financial wall is undefeated…Broke men don’t deserve pussy. They masterbate while alphas like me and others fornicate:D:D

The movement was about self-respect, and self-improvement. But these lossers and whinners would rather spend their time insulting women who’re above their league - which is like every woman who ever lived -instead of striving to be the best they can be and upholding their dignity. Get your shit together lossers!

:D:D:D:D:D… MGTOW= FREEDOM… Beta male planteshen worker ghaseer wanaumia kumia huku nje,hii mvua yote na baridi Mingi na khupipi ameweka lock and key hakuna Kuma na some loving ,Sasa wamekuja hapa na mathread za uongo which aren’t based on any facts, just pure bitter emotions about khupipi, mitoto yake na inlaws , pressure ya kupatia watu Christmas na manguo mpya,sijui mbuzi sijui gifts is starting to get to them, kichwa inauma ,sijui tumbo joto ,pambana na hali yako bila makasiriko Mingi.

Matthew 7:21
There will be people who claim to be practitioners but you’ll know who’s who from their actions.
So, call incels as incels, not generalizing people. That speaks volumes on your part.

Red pill is about self esteem, hii ingine yote ni upusss.
@Yuletapeli , sasa MGTOW ni kama boy scouts pale wako na uniform na badge. :smiley: :smiley:

You are bitter and you are whining bitterly. Then you blame MGTOW for constant whining? Who hurt you bro? Mental health police kujieni huyu before he explodes

It’s my personal belief that a man must spend time alone, most preferably in his formative years in order for him to be the best version of himself to humanity.
A man who confronts himself at his highest, lowest, meets his guardian angel and confronts his demons by himself has the chance to go at anything in the Here-Now.
The reason for a majority of conflict in intergender and human relations is failure to understand self.
That said, it’s not healthy for a man to leave this world without playing his primary role of reproduction.

People with high-selfesteem don’t spend too much time insulting others and celebrating their ‘suppossed’ downfall, ati the might wall! These morons have never understood one of the fundamental aspects of life, aging, and think they can tell us anything?

toa ujinga hapa njerindubizz

I agree with you 100 percent , but to each his own.

Reproduction as a role can be foregone if you identify to a higher calling that will serve humanity much better.
Of course, the majority of us will never fall in this category. I’m talking about revolutionary geniuses such as Leonardo da Vinci or Isaac Newton.