MGTOW is for weak

if you cant make your woman submit to you, dont blame the nature of women. Blame yourself for being a sissy. Just look at how your mother submitted fully to your father and ask yourself where you went wrong.You MGTOW fellows are just a bunch of sissies !!

Single mother niaje?

Clare pole pole …niko na dossier vile ulijiwaste KMTC

When a bad product is taken off the market the consumer should be overjoyed. Why then are women so enraged with MGTOWs when they decide to take themselves out of the dating and/or marriage pool? You should be happy that you don’t have to deal with losers. More “real men” for you is a win isn’t it?

Niaje msupa

Uko sure utawezana na battalion ya huku?

Good point. But men who think MGTOW are stupid can easily end up being there for a woman for everything except the conception. Chunga.

The mighty wall is undefeated.

I’m redpilled but not into MGTOW.
Lakini in regards to happiness, MGTOW guys tend to be way more happier than married fellas. That is without a doubt. Look around you.
In regards to WGTOW, married women tend to be happier than unmarried women.

“A man worth his weight provides the seed and never the money/freebies”. This quote is subject to interpretation. MGTOW is a practical approach that ensures that pussy beggars are recognized for what they are! There is nothing wrong with begging, but why beg for what belongs to you Biblically, Scientifically, morally etc???

Ah yes…just what we needed. MGTOW thread number 10,001

I have been redpilled for over three years but MGTOW is for incels and divorcees. I have never date exclusively (never had a gf) I just have my cake and eat it.

Don’t start a war that you may not win

Clare, in the meantime get your oxford dictionary out. Because if Duke of Kuma, Mimi humwaga everywhere and Muchatha dude wakikuja hapa…eeeeeeeeeeeer :smiley:

Being redpilled is the best thing that can happen to men when it comes to dealing with women.

Following :D:D:D

Talk about stirring the hornets nest.

If you can’t fight them,shame them
Feminism 101


Bitter women(majority post wall) frustrated by modern relationships - Independent women

Bitter young men frustrated by modern dating dynamics and decide to quit the game all together - Sissies and weak men

I don’t support or justify either view of life but one thing is clear


You wrongly interpret MGTOW as being equal to shunning female company. Why? MGTOW actually get to fuck as many women as possible without being anchored to any one in particular. MGTOW<>solitudeness.

Why are people angry with men going their own way? Men going their own way are not weak. Some of them have gone through bad experiences with their relationships. Why are you not angry with all the women making men going their own way?

It is just the beginning ladies. Prepare to work like most men until the day you die! I’m ready to read all your bible verses on social media. It is going to be a lot of fun for the men.

In a few years, you will see more men going their own way. And women do not believe they caused this. All women had to do was to cook and take care of our kids, but you want to compete with men. Now, you realize you cannot compete with men, so you start calling them weak. We are the superior gender! We are taking our resources from the plantation! That is why you are all complaining.