MGTOW going ham on an entitled bish

Check these replies out…

Waah, the comments. Ktalkers has nothing on those guys.

haha real savage I tell you.
…ati she so ugly her dildo needs viagra…shait

Savage comments

I didn’t see the matusi ya mwaka hadi I clicked in the pic hahaha ati her dildo needs viagra ngai fafa!

This was the killer response…@Midget kuja kidogo priss

green emoji, green emoji, green emoji, green emoji, cheza chini brathe

na huyo introvertemagma ako active hapo ni our @introvert ? Kila market place kuna introvert yake

Are you a midget?..

and she is Catholic. @Liberty akikuja confession do proper absolution on this one.

am a defender of the opressed

Green emoji… No play play!

Huyu aliona muoto.

Hehehe. Ati kumanga momo ni ku’harpoon landwhale’.

hehehe ati her dildo committed suicide