MGTOW Batallion Kujeni hapa kidogo

I’ve known a girl for a while now, since the year began. From the onset, I told her that I was not keen on pursuing marriage and/or kids. Minus that, things between us were really good, at least while it lasted.

Imefika point amesema anafeel ni ka anajiwaste juu ye anataka familia.

It is sad because I have to let her go, though she was a genuinely nice person and very cooperative.

Will this always be the eventuality?

How differently can one handle such a situation? I don’t think i’d want to be dishonest just to keep them around.


wachilia mtoto aende.

Let the girl go. She sounds like a good one with clear thought.

Be dishonest and keep them around as long as you can.

Do what suits you not what suits her/them.

One thing you will learn is that people will always do what suits them, so you should do what suits you.

If the roles were reversed, she would not hesitate wasting your time and money.

Your personal interests always come first, ALWAYS.

Meffi wewe. Hii ni funzo kwako na mafala kama wewe wale wako na ujeuri kama yako


You need to wife that girl…unawachia nani womb turds zako?

Keep a rotation of at least 3 women and you won’t have these dilemmas when one of them opts out. Hapa ni kama ulikuwa umeanza kupata oneitis.

Let her go. Na vile @Duke of Coomersvile ame sema hapo juu, avoid oneitis.

Women are wired to look for and lock a beta male provider.

Just fucking for fun is not a thing for them. Sex is mainly meant for trapping a successful beta male.

So if you expect a woman to just stick around knowing you won’t commit your providence to her you’re very wrong.

That woman probably hoped you will change your mind later on

Oneitis hukuwanga noma mahn. Especially with your 1st girlfriend.

:D:D:D:D:D… MGTOW= FREEDOM…beta male resist the devil and he will flee,this is female manipulation 101 , she already knows you suffer from chronic and recurring oneitis syndrome,wewe ni a good beta male / simp who can and will provide for her and her alpha male kids . She has already set up her bait ,you swallowed the bait and she is pushing you to the edge of the cliff and fuck you royally ,hapa you either enter the planteshen or utaskia story za babe Niko na ball chieth,we should get married and provide the child with a nice, stable home chieth, right now ungekua ushaland embobut forest and set up your camping gear , sipping whitecap na roasted goat meat as you enjoy freedom!!!

Asanteni sana for renewing my clarity of thought.

I admit, oneitis ilikua imeanza kunishika proper.

We have parted amicably and I hope she locks in a successful man very soon.

Meanwhile, I will continue putting my personal interests first.

leta namba nikusaidie

Tafuta kakitu mblo!

that was very mature of you.