Have you ever met a rich guy who subscribes to this MGTOW nonsense. It’s always the ugly ones with nothing to offer.

I mean, how can a fully functional man avoid wiminz? Yes women are demonic and sh*t but it’s meant to be that way. That’s how they were created to be.

Utamu wa woman ni vituko zake, if you can’t handle that, then you’re not a man enough. Either you have difficulty in setting real-life boundaries or you have inner insecurities that makes your relationship with women terrible.

I mean, which man in his right senses would resist this? I wouldn’t.

If I die, I die. A man must die of something. I choose wiminz.

I can resist that, she is not what makes my mjulus surrender…Kila Mtu na type yake. Back to your thread…Mgtow is for men who want nothing to do with women. Kuna women takataka, ibilisi na a few angels. I was there but found myself a woman ako fine in many ways. Niko planteshen. And very happy. Otherwise there is no need of being with a woman who is making your life difficult. It’s a choice. @Karoga…Kuja kiasi…And share some insights.
Hebu tuheshimu choices za watu. Tafasali.

MGTOW na LGBT hakuna difference. Cults for confused people.

Stop misquoting MGTOW. Mgtow they dont want anything to do with wimen. They dont want any relationship hao ni kutomba na kuingia karura. Wanawake wako nao as a friend but commitment ndio hawataki.

Wewe ni wazimu.

Kuna choices one can make that take the Mgtow shape. Hata mimi I don’t entertain upuss ya wanawake…Bora tuheshimiane. Women/ ngeos say am proud and arrogant but huwa nawaonyesha tu sina kazi yao.

Have stated they want nothing to do with women…
Addition…But zieks.

Ulisha join kikosi cha mgtow ama uko humo mumo…:smiley:

Thats the tactics they use to shame when. Kwanza ukiwa on guard they will call you mean,ngati,miser,matarutaga.

Nope MGTOW have no hatred on women. They are misquoted. Besides that most of them are independent. Hawataki kusumbuliwa. Motto yao ls to live their life without bothering people.

Sa utapata fala anajaribu ku impress women…anatoboka. ndio apewe sifa.

MGTOW ni affiliate faction ya LGBTQXYZ

Wank ulale ghasia hii.

I wanked in the morning

Expound bwana komishna.

If this counts as a beautiful woman, I am really wondering what kind of women you hang out with.

Ama it’s because she is brown and wearing a mini skirt?

Jamaa mingi hapa Ktalk have very low standards of beauty?

I think you and many others are misinterpreting MGTOW.

MGTOW are men who do not want commitment (marriage). It is as simple as that.

Their experiences have taught them this entity called marriage is a scam meant to suck their hard earned money while tying them to hardcore kungurus who want to have it all: leisure (partying) and a ready made money on the plate which someone else already worked hard for.

MGTOW ensures no one has it all. If a woman wants to have fun, she better be prepared to work hard and make her own money. Sio kutegea kuoa a rich beta male after accruing a body count from here to Timbuktu and taking countless P2s and alcohol

:D:D:D:D:D… MGTOW= FREEDOM…sisi Mgtow alpha males tunakamua fresh under 20 ghels bila kusumbuliwa na ma post wall chieth/ khupipi, sisi ni kukamua and we enter embobut forest ,maswali za “what are we” tuliachia beta males kama @uwesmake .

Juzi @Kodiaga amejianika ati ako na networth ya .8M. Hiyo ndio pesa nilitumia kujenga perimeter wall ya nyumba yangu. Then he’s here bashing married men. Some of us got married coz we can be able to take care of a family. Now that nigg.a can’t afford to start a family ako hapa na mgtow shiet. I suspect even the rest akina @Karoga na @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii ni peasants tu.

Bro pia sisi watu wa planteshen tunabomoa those 20s bila struggle. At the end of the you are happy and am happy.