MGTOW and other tales

@Karoga @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii na


how third world war is brewing

rusha konyagi kinyozi banae

Non issue in Vumbistan


@freyll nyonyo ni size gani :smiley:
bila izo pudded/push up bras


:D:D:D:D:D… MGTOW =FREEDOM…Woke culture will be the end of women and their immense benefits they accrue just because of being women,sisi Mgtow alpha males just laugh and rejoice when women deny fellow women or men who identify as women this unearned benefits.

:D:D:D activists huvuta nini?

@Freyja nyonyo ama thighlands

wanaume wa huko watafunguliwa boot by force in the name of wokeness. :smiley:

The way we ape western stuff, its just a matter of time and this shit will be here.

It’ll take a while, but such evil cannot be allowed to take root

Haiwezi pale Reddit nimedeclare war on LGBTQchieth.

Uliza patco

Lete wrink nilete back up.

baba panya tafuta kazi ya kufanya