MGTOW and kids

Lets get something straight here, you cant mention MGTOW and kids in the same sentence. Thats an abomination. MGTOW doesnt involve kids at all. If you are all about kids kula red pill yako pole pole bila kusumbua.

@smokin_gun I hope nimejibu swali yako.

si unge mjibu huko inbox bado, kwenye alikuwa anakudai kiyambis…

Wueh!!! That was rough.


Sasa MGehTOW wamekua pedophiles?:D:D:D,

MGTOW is never for me personally. I believe in women.

That’s my son, forgive the juvenile/rookie for now, I will correct him

@tall mnyama everywhere you are always being told here by @Karoga that being MGTOW and having kids and marriage can be mutually exclusive, takafarki ya babu