mgala muue na haki umpe

am a Ruto man I divorced Uhuru the day he won the war against RAILA…I hate the way history will be recorded 'he kept Raila quiet for 3yrs until he was done ruling", but
I appreciate the work done by his government in 2 areas,

1-Roads, whether by KURA, KERA, KERO, KENHA, etc, the gentleman has done quite well…

2-Covid, though he has hurt many businesses, Uhuru has done a lot in the fight against this unseen enemy whose battles are not to be fought by the use of machines guns and bombs.
whether through Kutahi Kagwe, Kemsa, Kemri Kefis, etc, jamaa Ako sawa compared to Marehemu and M7


Your no.1 & 2 points are ok, but question is at what cost?
Magu achieved more without external loans and decisively fought corruption.
Here corruption other name is Konyagi

Mgala MUUE.

:D:D:D:D, corrected.

Swaffii ma PHD

Mtaacha kuabudu wanaume siku gani. Talk about Kenya and Kenyans for once. Kila siku ni ngojera kuhusu bwana fulani au mwingine. Shenzi

Exactly. Our standards have gone so low. Would you thank a contractor just for building your house even though the contractor ended up costing you 3 times the actual cost due to his mismanagement (incompetence and theft)?

Allegedly, the reason he has concentrated on the big infrastructure projects is because its easy to steal a big lumpsum at once and without act But again, its like we are used to too bad a leadership that when they do one right thing we feel like they have done us a very great favor. The problem is not the leaders we have but the electorate who knowingly elect them.

Woi. Are those the standards you are comparing him to? The bar is on the floor.

What exactly has uhuru done in fighting covid? How does a lockdown and curfews prevent the spread of the disease? The fools have stolen billions of KEMSA money that would have been used to vaccinate every Kenyan over 18 years. No ass testing. The foold unleashed police officers on Kenyans who ended up killing 14 people in enforcing the curfew. But when his son sneaks out to drink and party, he is not detained in a quarantined centre. Instead he is “warned”. How many people contracted Covid in those filthy overcrowded detention centres?

The drunkard has miserably failed in leadership.
Amalize aende ASAP

The son of a beach should go home!