Mexican Narcos - Anyone Wonder How They Protect Themselves From Kidnapping? -- Abduction horror!!

For anyone that has observed the activities of the Mexican Narcos, it quickly emerges those are the last people anyone wants to mess around with when in their turf. It is simply amazing how they reduced AlQaeda and IS-IS activities to seem as though they were literally child play, relatively speaking.
I always wonder if all the violence makes any of it worth it, because the brutality there is just out of this world!! If I were a Narco I would ensure that , at the very minimum there was a potassium cyanide capsule that could be quickly taken before being overcome and abducted. I find it hard to imagine how the guys feel upon abduction, after doing some very very very F’d up stuff to a rival group member the previous week, and posting the video online, and with the memories still fresh, and they now just got you!!

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Narcos have publicity coz of various factors, being next door neighbours to the yanks, they not only whitewash the DEA very dirty ops huko mekki, but also the fact that they are the last check point of entry of cocaine from s. America and much pure and cheaper methamphetamine.
Rather face the narcos that the Maras (mara salvatrucha)…that’s is savegry at its raw finest.

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If you want to fully Grasp The Brutality of Mexican

But probably for the WORST northbound disassembly check this out: Muhajedeen on Chechen Man:

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