Mexican cartels vs USA


Inakaa war machine iko busy this year.

America can no longer tolerate narco-terrorist cartels. Operating from havens in Mexico, their production of deadly drugs on an industrial scale is flooding our country with this poison. The time is long past to deal with this outrage decisively. Reps. Dan Crenshaw (R., Texas) and Michael Waltz (R., Fla.) have proposed a joint resolution giving the president authority to use the U.S. military against these cartels in Mexico. This is a necessary step and puts the focus where it must be.

Overdose deaths every year—more than 100,000—exceed the number of Americans killed in action during the bloodiest year of World War II. But the devastation from drug abuse goes much deeper. A 2017 analysis, accounting for the costs of healthcare, criminal justice, lost productivity and social and family services, estimated that the total cost of America’s drug epidemic was more than $1 trillion annually, or 5% of gross domestic product. Given the explosion in illicit drug deaths since then, this estimate now seems conservative.

The Sackler family is the biggest drug cartel in the US but freely do business because they’re politically connected.

They better arm Ukraine and push ghey agenda worldwide than deal with Mexico

America supplies cartels with guns to destabilise South America

POTUS 2024 Trump anarudi kumaliza wall yake

USA kills more innocent babies overseas through their endless wars and after effects of wars. Children are still being born with disabilities in Vietnam due to long term effects of Agent Orange, same with Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Hope China keeps supplying the USA with deadly Fentanyl

Hao Sinaloa cartel wako armed kuliko Jeshi ya mehico. Waitishe reinforcement kutoka Haiti. Hao mashoga hakuna kitu wanaweza apart from preaching about Lgbtqchieth.

Bila Mexicans kuitikia it will not be possible. Hao republicans wamewatch too much chuck norris movie:D:D