Metro Fm 101.9 fm

Do you have any memories of the house of reggae?My favorite programme was Riddim Base with Jeff Mwangemi and DJ Stano.Good old days, Pure niceness.[ATTACH=full]301195[/ATTACH]

Jeff mwangemi ako Wapi ths days…
Metro was good until they started playing some hardcore weird sounding reggae n riddims hazieleweki…
It became a lot of noise

Go rent a pond_ hip hop
Tonny msalame sheki leggi
Lucy nduta
lingala high definition.
That’s before reggae original metro

who killed metro and why?

Nyambane killed the house of reggae

nyambane ni mukisii muchinga sana

that station was fire

My own perception is Metro fm target was youths and by the rise of Bongo music ,maybe a great number got lost on that genre thus having less listeners of reggae which Metro played 24/7. So choice kills.

The original Metro FM was the best FM station to ever have existed in Kenya. With exciting programs and highly talented presenters. The likes of Tony Msalame, Dan Oloo, Anthony Okonji, Nduta Lucy, Goreti Apondi, Kajuju Kaburia, Greg Mulei, Harry Kabecha and so on.

If I remember correctly the rumours were he wanted the whole station to be female centric.

feminist inaua wanaume sana…

saa hii channel ya reggae na dancehall ni vybz radio

I think he changed it to Venus fm