So today hapo Kenyatta Avenue I&M to be precise met an old flame of mine back in campus whose now settled got kids eldest being in class 3…couldnt hellp but cried a lot…He always wanted to be top and im also top and neither of us could compromise… We still have feelings…Has anyone ever been in the same predicament?? kindly share folks and how did you manage to manuever to avoid quarrells??.

Oh yeah, you’re not alone mbloo

web dev wacha umeffi ,shaitan

@Halfjadhe Halfkyuk come share your story

Did you ask him about antibiotics?


they are also filthy fags

Bingwa just the other day you were hitting on me huko kwa DM…i turned you down coz you are not my type…kindly take your bitterness elsewhere

Ohhh larrrrd, what are u saying??? Weka evidence

Lol,antibiotics tena???
Haha…off line pap!

Popcorn iko wapi?


Can I interest you in pussy???

This is the last time i click and comment on your shitty post. adieu

Muthisha itina Si unyamaze priss

Wewe peleka umeffi chooni na usibebe Simu ama any device unaezatumia kulog in hapa tutakuita tukimaliza kubomoa hiyo choo. Shindwe

nitaingiza kichwa tu

Is this taken as normal on Ktalk ama what am I missing ?

You don’t know how to spot a gay person?