Messi the teacher


The football Guru

Messi was once Ronaldihno’s student.

The three best players in the world


Hapana watu walio na “crab in a bucket mentality”

Kindly go for a brain scan… in readiness for a brain transplant.

You yourself you need a brain because you lack one

That reporter reminds me of his comedy…from about 10:00

Apitie knh

That’s bad advice… he’ll end up having his intestines transplanted inside his cranium!

Kazi ya Ronaldo inakuanga kukasirika team mates wakifunga


There will always be another goal poacher. But getting someone who goes deep into midfield and scores many goals or gives assists is another matter.

Messi is just the best, Barcelona will miss him when he retires, you cant replace that guy

They are both the best and we’re lucky to have watched them at the same time. Acheni kubishana kila wakati

hakuna kitu kama BOTH ARE THE BEST unless unaongea kikamba .

Papa clichy niaje

niko ngangari

Ronaldo is a cunt.