Messi offered 1billion`Euro

Qatari side al-sadd offer messi 1billion euro for a 3 year contract.

He should consider it. He’s 34 and has nothing else to prove

some guys like Lionel or Cr7 don’t play for money, they play for pride mate.

Oliech alikataa

7m euros per week. Shait

Kama ni kweli…watu hawana kazi na pesa…hii hata si story ya kufollow…worlds gone crazy.

The mafia need to bring Messi on one of the milan clubs this world reignite the rivalry Cristiano vs Messi and sell tickets

Kwanza wampeleke Napoli akuwe legend wa hio team like Maradona.

Inter is broke, and AC Milan is still rebuilding. Serie A haina doo.

Hapo hakuna hata kauongo kidogo. Infact English championship has more money that serie A.

Achukue hio pesa , Man city ijipange

Source of this rumor is

Ksh127,910,884,000 that loosely translates to ksh 71,065,137.7778 a fcukin day!!! ama hesabu yangu ni mbaya nirudi gumbaru?


Messi is already a legend at Barça the only thing he needs to win now is the world cup something I doubt he can

Messi should consider joining arsenal. …:D:D

Nothing like this is going to happen. He will probably be offered 80m euro max per year

Wewe focus na kunyoa makende za customer. Wachana na hesabu. Kila mtu anajua ulianguka kcse.

I hate when you are right:mad::mad::mad: