Message to The Johos

Scroll forward to 1:22 for the fireworks.

Shooting from the hips, you grow bigger balls when the government is on your side.


In what way is the government on Moha’s side?

I think that it is in his ‘warrior’ character to be that fierce in the face of adversity. They have indeed tried everything to destroy him, starting with that betrayal in ODM barely a week after JaKuon had endorsed him. As always, goD’s tacit approval of bullshit is expressed by his silence.

:eek: hizo kumbo za Mohammed zime connect. Gov Joho is used to getting sympathy from raiya by playing victim but here he is exposed as the villain.
The Johos must retreat and regroup because Mohammed is not finished with them.


I remember tukiwa primo, kina ninja ilikuwa imetulia but very few knew that fact. Sasa one time kumbaf Fulani ikajichocha kuchokoza hii ninja. Since tulijua atalimwa tuu, tuka encourage aendelee. Needless to say, hio kumbaf haina meno mpaka was leo.

Moha fits the bills.

The man has long index finder for NRM GENRAL.

We can all say a great deal but some proof would go a long way towards making what we say credible. I suppose you’ll now plead the 5th. and tell us that it is classified.

Kenyan politics is not about the public support one can gather but the number of thugs you can have in your corner, if Omar could not put Joho to bed I don’t see Moha going far, this is not Jicho Pevu script.

Nwe you have a valid point, credibility of my assertions. I do not force it down your throat. Take it at face value, even if there was evidence, this is ktalk.


He will and he is.

Juzi juzi si mulikuwa munasema yeye ni al shabaab. What changed? Hamuna msimamo

Even Omar was and would but where is he, Balala was and would but where is he, fortunately Moha will not have an opportunity to face Joho directly. The next Governor of Mombasa will be more of a Mijikenda extraction.

The guy is clearly going for the governors seat

Exactly! Anybody attributing Moha’s upset on invisible helpers is doing him an injustice.