Message To JaKuon

“You cannot claim to have problems with the military, police and other security agencies yet you want to be the president of this country. You must trust the security agencies in your country,” he said.

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He has problems with the people who run those institutions in an illegal , partisan and tribal way and so doing are featuring Jubilee as a party instead of serving all Kenyans.


He asked for help, na Yeye Ndiye huleta taabu zote na ghasia za kila aina!

He has a problem with all institutions, all the way back to 1982 when he gave 2 hapless Air Force Privates 30k to grab power for him, and then betrayed them when their coup flopped.

Even without elections, JaKuon has accused the KDF of smuggling. In a most shameful display, he has rushed off to Mandera to ‘pray’ around fake mass graves that the KDF was supposed to have dug. Wapi?

Good thing is that the institutions are uncovering, arresting and exposing Joho’s drug-peddling buddies, thwarting NASA’s plan to finance their campaigns with poison.


No one else in the country makes noise about security forces except him and he’s mandarins when he commands them. So is there a problem with him or the security forces? Why does he like them when it suits him e.g. when he was demanding 95 security personnel to escort him all over the place? He’s also the most tribal politician in Kenya; so it’s an oxymoron for him to complain about tribalism.


And please pay the residents of Mandera the Ksh1,000 you promised the for attending the UOTP campaign rally last week …wamekasirika sana…dawa ya deni ni kulipa


If it is true Raila wrote to the British ambassador - the same British that killed hundreds of thousands of Kenyans in the last century including 50,000 Mau Mau and 200,000 innocent Kikuyu, tens of thousands of Kisiis, Maasais, Nandi, Kipsisigis, Taita and Pokomo, etc etc - then Raila needs his head checked.

That is the last nail in his stupid coffin.

Aende Bondo aozee huko, huyo nyani mjinga.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhhh! I’ve not been this mad in a while.


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Endelea ku twist history…the Moi coup swas a plot to rid himself shiny eyed Kenyatta Era Lords who called him a passing cloud…the likes of Njojo and others…na Moi akawapiga kiboko kabisa…KDF smuggling was exposed by UN wacha zako


Those who don’t make noise are in the system enjoying looting the country dry


Expound on the most tribal part? Hii security yenu ya chupilee alisema hataki…hata Joho alirudisha hao spies

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Q1) With relevant examples, DISCUSS,: How

a) a Raila Odinga administration will be able to offer free secondary education to Kenyas in September 2017?

b) a Raila Odinga administration will solve the food prices crisis (cost of living) in 90 days after being sworn in?

Answer both questions.

You can start this CAT. Marks ziko Na Chebu




Michuki, Kibaki and Uhuru have killed how many shiny eyed Mungiki to conceal ICC evidence…hio huoni unaona tu ya Mau Mau


Raila this Raila that…usiku na mchana…I thought you guys said he was a spent force…badala you spend your time here campaigning for UOTP na mko strategies vile mta handle Arap Mashamba?

How many votes did you say you have again?

And how will a post like this add any more votes to your UOTP?


I have no idea :slight_smile:

I really don’t know! :):):slight_smile:

UOTP ashaanguka hii mtihani…anaomba RESIT ndio aanguke tena kabisa

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Everybody is in the “system” except JaKuon? You’re not the sharpest tool in the tool kit are you ?


Yes Raila is very Tribal

• Dr. Mohamed Isahakia-Permanent Secretary- Kenyan Somali

• Caroli Omondi-Chief Of Staff-Suba

• Amb. Ruth Solitei-Director of Protocol-Maasai

• Dr. Nehemiah Ng’eno-Advisor GovT Coordination-Kipsigis

• Dr. Rachel Gesami-Secretary Policy Coordination-Kisii

• Prof. Hiroyuki Hino-Economic Affairs Advisor-Japanese

• Abdul Mwasserah-Secretary Administration-Digo

• Sylvestor Kasuku-Secretary Infrastructure & LAPPSET Coord-Suba

• Paul Mwangi-Legal Affairs Advisor-Kikuyu

• Mumbi Kirieini-Private Sector Specialist

• Mary Kundu-Head of Finance-Luyha

• Evans Nyachio-Head of Procurement-Kisii

• Anne Mburu-Head of Human Resource-Kikuyu

• Anne Olubendi-Secretary Strategy & Delivery - Luhya

• Beatrice Gambo-Advisor Gender Affairs-Giriama

• Mr. Adan-Advisor Political Affairs-Somali

• Tutui Nanok-Agriculture Sector Specialist-Turkana

• Alex Alusa-Climate Change Advisor-Luyha

• Dennis Onyango-Spokesman & Secretary Communications-Luo

• Christopher Khaemba-Education Affairs Advisor-Luyha

• Jane Wangui-Youth Affairs Advisor-Kikuyu

• John Maina-Advisor, Foreign Relations Affairs-Kikuyu

• Emily Ng’eny-PM’s Secretary-Kipsigis

• Caesar Asiyo-Director Coordination-Luo

• Maj. Idris Ibrahim-an Aide- Kenyan Somali

• Rosemary Outa-PM’s Secretary-Luo

• Silas Jakakimba-Personal Assistant - Suba

• George Okong’o-An aide-Luo

• Dennis Mutuku-An Aide-Kamba

• Jeff Nyamboga- Public Affairs Advisor – Kisii

•Susan Boit-An Aide-Nandi

• Isaac Mwaura-Advisor, Special Interest Groups-Kikuyu


Name ONE! Crap you were fed by JaKuon doesn’t count .

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What is this supposed to be? Are you trying to rewrite history for us?