Meru Uni Sec Gen force fed with Copper

Soma Hapa. Ngori Ebruficashen included >> [MEDIA=twitter]968457120042582018[/MEDIA]
@pamba warristhis.

when and how?

By thugs or the police?

Bring the whole story

This is really none of our business.

In all those killings it never were your business …why should it be ours now?

Sasa wewe with your stupid questions imekuwa boring sasa

kwa news nasoma it happened today

news gani na nime-google na ni tweet za biased wana-harakati tu ninaona?

Hizo sasa. Pia mimi nashindwa kuelewa poa.

hizo si news. kwanza those four culprits are well known for pushing narratives for pay…but it’s early days yet let’s wait.

So sad …reminds me of Adika in betrayal in the city


Do police carry guns-yes,
Do police shoot people dead-yes,
Do thugs carry guns-yes,
Do thugs shoot people dead-yes.
Now, what’s stupid about asking who carried out the shooting?

Going by the replies I’m seeing the stupid thing is assuming that the guy may have been shot by anyone else other than a cop

It’s never you until it is. Overbearing force by police hurts us all.

But let’s wait for the blind to justify it.

do you have any other infor seeing as regular media is yet to report?

Nope just what’s on twirra

kuna wasee huko already blaming cops like they’re the only ones with guns


Replace the phrase “and I did not speak out” with " and I cheered them on".

Sad my thoughts and prayers with his family…But hii regime tu…Ngojeni tu

Mwanzo kama twedi twedi tuu singh ataingia ikulu aki ya nani watu takatwa makei acha kufinywa sasa.