Meru tuko nyuma ya Baba

And what do Murkomen and Kuria attend BBI meetings for na kinara wao amekataa BBI? Spying? Very useless characters.

I have always admired your balanced view of life. Leo tu…anyway,una kura moja

Ruto is no longer generous with his otongolo, BBI ndio kuna minofu.

Jambazi sugu atajua server za IEBC sio zake.

Actually IEBC servers have all the votes. My vote is just to give Baba the moral support. In fact I will not even go to vote for once. I will just chillax and wait for the coronation. And for hardened criminals to go back to Sugoi.

Baba arudishe nyeeee Bondo.

The crowd left with Kuria and Murkomen.
Only a handful of them were left around the dias, Kalonzo acknowledged as such.
And this after taking the BBI nonsense all the way to Meru away from the real Central Kenya counties.
Continue burying your heads in the sand but this BBI nonsense is a non starter.

Bullshit, that was a mammoth crowd

Shut up, you can’t differentiate momo from mammoth.

They represent our rebellious selves.

What I really wonder about…so it is okay to rig once the shoe is on the other foot? serikali ya Raila and Uhuru and all those morons I saw snippets of…singing praises to Uhuru but just coz they want their pockets lined up…these are guvs looking for extension of terms and they eve asked for more county money for develeopment.

#never ever boarding to that country where we are held hostage. By who is who.

Anything to get rid of this thug. Desperate times desperate measures.

No they don’t. A rebel whose only cause is to Loot the country dry isn’t the type of person that represents Kenyans in any way. It’s better the devil we know than the hardened criminal posing as a savior.

I assume it is Ruto you mean?

Anyhooo hiyo Kenya, we can only watch it from far. Ateee Uhuru’s term is added while all they are thinking about is their terms…walahi…

We will rebel kwa debe. That is for sure.

He’s a devout Christian and you espouse and root for deep Christian values.

No. I mean Gaza thugs in Kayole.

I don’t care about terms. My only problem is that Jambazi sugu asiingie state house. By any means necessary. We can’t allow a notorious international criminal and his syndicate to be at the helm. That one. No.