Buuri MP Rindikiri and Meru Senator Mithika Lintura have condemned their party Chupilee for Interference with Judicial Independence,disregard of court orders and Intimidation of the CJ Maraga. Let’s hope kesho hawatashikwa na something illegal like Keter.

Linturi ni NASA, ata hana degree he adds nothing to jubilee

Let me post for you something you would rather wish isn’t happening as you focus on minnows in Jubilee.

Kenya’s worsening debt position: For every Ksh. 10 generated, Ksh. 5.4 will be used to repay loans Kenya's worsening debt position: For every Ksh10 generated, Ksh5.4 will be used to repay loans | Nation

I see what you did there… @spear kuja uone hii development (I know the faggot blocked me)

Linturi ni fala sana. Anajua ako na fake degree and he’s running his mouth.

Lest we forget, he was the one who led MPs to increase their salaries last time.

He he he, instead of focussing on the substance of his statement we are now discussing his degree.

Haha mimi nasema tu anaona vile Jubilee inafanyia rebelling members na anaongea instead of lying low kidogo. Yet he has skeletons in his closet. He’ll just find himself losing that seat for sure.

nyinyi wote ni mafala Linturi anatetea Judiciary juu kesi yake iko kortini . with incriminating efidense

Meetheeka Linduri, Jina pekee ni makosa. Sounds like someone who would rape a woman who is orindi thuuuu wirring in a mbasss. He should actually be prosecuted just incase