Meru meets Taita

This is couple goals right here I hope it won’t become like Franky and his baby momma Maureen after kutupeleka hadi maternity kuzaa mtoto wa kwanza, then complete anti climax. When I remember Maureen pushing that baby with Franky holding her hand and tears of joy running down his face MACHOS. Ubaya I wasn’t following their channel b4 they broke up, so I saw everything from start to finish in one week. Worse than Mexican soap opera.

Those of us who have never been to maternity were forced by circumstances kuvumilia hio uchungu yote.

This was me in blue while watching Maureen giving birth OMG.

Next episode nkt

Kuja nikupee mtoi ata kama. You are starting to show signs of baby rabies

Hizo nduru za maternity can cure you of anything. Wah. Wacha tungojee Yesu arudi.