Meru county has gone to the dogs


How old is this Baicu guy?

Firweni kabisa… these are the bastards you voted in.

Mnaita watu.


But he will not earn any salary, so shida ya bovines ni gani haswa?


Kwa inauguration yake ali invite hubby wake a perform akamlipa 4M banae.

If you have to appoint someone close to you then get them a position that doesn’t require or attract scrutiny or attention.
Kalonzo Musyokas son has been a member of EALA for some time now.
Maina Kamandas son was a director at the Mombasa port, not the chair. E.t.c …
No vetting, no cameras, probably no work either. You have a job somewhere, you get your allowances/salaries, keep your head low and none will be wiser.

If I’d been Kawira I’d wait for a year then silently as I learn the field and know who to trust, place him somewhere quietly na story iishe hivyo. But having your wife as a boss might not be ideal

The other candidates were even worse

Acha porojo

Niukweli.Hubby wake ni musician hatari sana huko Meru.Hio story ili trend sana kwenye nnews na mtandaoni.

Was he paid?

She is probably trying to put him on a leash.
Meru ladies are very possessive.
And I hear she stole the man from another lady.

Very true.Wont be surprised if the man is forcibly being tagged along.

Nothing wrong with the lady appointing husband as youth patron or being with husband at official functions. Hata first ladies are patrons of one thing or another. Mutua had also appointed then wife Lillian as a patron of something huko machakos complete with official car, staff and bodyguards. If male governors appear with their spouses at official functions then there is nothing wrong with female governors appearing with their spouses at official functions.

umama tafuta mwenzako @ChifuMbitika umu inbox , ghassia .

Wacha First gentleman anukishe kitunguu

Kumbe huyu ndiye first lady/gentleman wa meru? Kumbe yeye ni mwana musiki.


Per diems, allowances, health insurance etc.

Si mulisema wanawake ni wazuri, sasa oneni huyu. Next utaskia ameaapoint brother, sister, mother, faher na hadi hukaa