Merry Christmas guys

On behalf of the outgoing MCA of Asembo East Ward, Hon Judith Anyango Oyugi and the great people of Siaya County, I want to wish everyone of you a Merry Christmas.

Yours truly,
Incoming MCA 2022
Asembo East Ward.
Siaya County.

merry Christmas


Merry Xmas Sir .
Im waiting for Xmas cookies for Santa.

Merry Christmas.

merry Christmas, ho ho ho

Bro alikua kwa dean list alisahaulika?

Jingeeer! :smiley:
Merry Xmas to you too wakanyaks!

Usikule zile omena zako Krisi…

Osiepe. Hii MCA utaonea viu sasa. Merry xmassssssss[ATTACH=full]277146[/ATTACH]

Merry Christmas

merry xmas guys, have a good one

Umetumia BABA pesa za krismas?

I was intrigued by your bonoboish looking avatar, and out of curiosity I did some CSI, which brought me here…lol

also google seems to be low-key racist, as you can see

Merry Xmas @Okiya salimia Dr.Osito Kale na umwambie…ama wacha tu.

Merry Xmas…2022 utajianika

Merry Xmas




Christmas njema msito

Mary Xmas

I’ve discovered this thread exactly 1 day before Xmas this year. It was a tough year for everyone, I guess, huh. However, this time I decided to stay positive and enjoy winter holidays, despite all this mess related to coronavirus. Spending time with family at lovely decorated house, nothing can be better, tbh. This year I have even read about where does the name santa claus come from, his origin and how the whole legend was formed. Really captivating stuff, to tell you the truth. On the other hand, it is pretty understandable and easy to read even for children. Xmas mood is already here! Merry Xmas, xoxo