meridian lender conned 1.1m C&p

A borrower took a loan of Sh1.1 million in September 2015 from
Meridian Acceptances using a blue Range Rover Sport as security. The
vehicle’s logbook (serial number L138198V) was jointly registered with
the lender a month later. After the borrower failed to service the loan,
the vehicle’s tracking system is said to have been mysteriously removed
and a new logbook (serial number L484869M) allegedly processed in
September without the lender’s knowledge.

Unaeza aje kuwa na range Rover and take a loan ya 1M from a skylock? At that level, 1M is an unsecured loan or overdraft, and mostly a urinal boost from a buddy “Oya boss, si unistue kamita hivi”


some people go deep into debt to buy such machines

These are guys siwezi hutumia. I have a range and need 1M I sell the range buy a forester and I have more than an M in my pocket