Merica is a failed state

Kila mahali kuna shida tulia

American Dream in Kenya?

Hii ni effect ya too much capitalism and too little socialism. America is rich but only a few people hold most of the wealth. The best countries have a favorable blend of capitalism and socialism. They are capitalist enough to encourage enterprise and socialist enough to bridge systemic inequalities. Examples are Norway and other Scandinavian countries with the highest quality of life, high GDPs per capita, high life expectancies etc. America has some socialist policies but it is predominantly capitalist.

Uncle sam alisema social protection ni communism.

Sasa, if you say America is a failed state, what will you call places like Zimbabwe or Congo?

Deadbeat states

What’s the difference?

Awuoohlan shatter mashoga wauwane the world will be a better place.

Dead states

Yes it is owned by “chaina”:stuck_out_tongue:

22 Largest French Speaking Cities in the World
[li]Paris, France – 12,161,542 people. …[/li][li]Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo – 9,046,000 people. …[/li][li]Abidjan, Ivory Coast – 7,108,647 people. …[/li][li]Montreal, Canada – 3,824,221 people. …[/li][li]Port-au-Prince, Haiti – 2,470,762 people. …[/li][li]Dakar, Senegal – 2,452,656 people.[/li][/ol]

That limitation to defuce, digest and comprehend is within your mental faculties.
it is however not a permanent feature, given , this can go either way, expansion of wealth in knowledge, or the Sonko way.
Wajibu ni wako.

Kwa mfano,
Infrastructure in the US is aging, the average age of ALL bridges in the US is 68.28 years.
Majority Anericans do not have access to universl health care
Children are not safe in their schools
An average American cannot even get a simple complaint form at a local PD
Yet America is waging and funding half a dozen wars across the globe.
In adfion to the US 52.4 billion dollars allocated for the “war efforts” in Ukraina, the US gives Ukraina 1 billion US dollars per week!
Homelessness is rampant in the US, but can be fixed with a price tag of US 46 billion dollars. No other developed nation has a homeless problem like the US. These are the metrics of corelation here.
At least, thats is my limited understanding

If you get in a medical emergency somewhere in the states, it will take 2-3 minutes for emergency personnel to reach you. Will they even ever show up in Zimbabwe? Does Congo even have a 999 number ya askari.