@meriamata, nini inaendelea across the creek?

[ATTACH=full]56911[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]56912[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]56913[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]56914[/ATTACH] An explosion and gun fire reported at mombasa central police station!
@Meria Mata mbisha na full report zicome, 2alshaitan gunned down.

That cop watching his panicked colleague planning to jump into the mkokoteni below has his hands in his pockets. Cool!!

Lakini buibui is not a very trustworthy outfit. Ninjas in disguise bila reflectors at night.

Damn. That’s scary.

QN. Do women jihadists also get 72 virgins?

hio ni gandbang!

lakini 71 wenye watapewa hio kazi watafanya kazi haram juu no. 1 atakuwa ameenda na trophy?

cc @mayekeke

Conflicting reports on exact number of women involved in the attack. Some reports indicate 3, some say 5. Confirmed that 3 were killed.

No, women jihadists get double-teamed by headless failed suicide bombers.

waangaliwe nyeti to confirm they were indeed women…

[ATTACH=full]56919[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]56920[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]56921[/ATTACH]

Next: JaKuon and Joho complaining about EJK. Remember the fiery speeches they have been delivering of late, claiming that SGR, Lapsett, Ndogo Kundu etc. are Jubiee schemes to marginalize the Coast.

The 72 virgins are not mentioned anywhere in the Quran, but are mentioned in the Hadiths which are not mandatory or taken to the word of God.

The niqab should be banned. A tree holder can put it on and commit crimes.

in that same photo for 5likes spot @bjurmann

@mayekeke kuja jibu swali.

Hebu mbisha za killed alshababes zikam, I hope hakuna fatality kwa polisi

Kudos to our Gallant forces… @pamba pewa mbili

They wanted to do it on September 11th.

Ama ni watu wa MRC