@MeriaMata hizi rolls hukua tonne ngapi


Ili iwe funzo kwake, na Kwa wengine wenye tabia kama yake…:smiley:

Weeh! Tonne 20k…alafu unadunga emergency?


They were not even tied down securely…

usually see these atop lorries and a side of me wishes to find a way to drop it w/out the driver’s knowledge n make some chums while at it

Aye yaa… That’s a death warrant right there. There was a full hekaya/thread about this things sometimes back.

Yaa hii maneno ni kujipanga

Wrink tafasari

I can’t seem to trace it

Oya librarian @Ice_Cube leta wrink

The hekaya was something like this…A truck carrying one of these rolls broke down pale Mlolongo. They sought alternative means to transport the rolls and one of the guys with pickups for transport offered his services and reversed his vehicle to the rear of the truck such that the cargo could be rolled right onto it. After struggling to roll it for a while it landed into the pickup and a “bomb” went off i.e all the tyres of the pickup burst as the chassis broke under the weight.

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Wtf that thing must be fucking heavy

shait imefinya kama mkate

THats the dumbest idea ever

[ATTACH=full]202938[/ATTACH]man after u have posted that i came a cross this apo taj mall flyover…:(:(:(:(:(:frowning: