Meria Mate can you confirm this.....#Al-Kebabs Attack


huyu waria ako sawa ama ni vako

Wacha tuingie Twitter na fesbuk tuangalie

There’s a US military base in Lamu?

Na murete effidense

Yeah. They share a base na Kenya Navy, Lamu based. They even share social amenities like Bar. Wako wengi sana

Both the attackers and those being attacked work for the same master, funded from the same treasury

nielezee kuhusu huyo master



That fakaa is no longer in this forum.Go look for him in the wazee village.Meffii.

bubudiu it is not Meria yu should be calling a fakaa. It is the poster feigning ignorance that he does not know Meria is in the other village. Kenyans and hypocrisy…sasa ankuja kujifanya hapa that he does not know where to find Meria? arrrgh…

I called him fakaa coz he blocked me for criticizing @Nattydread and @gashwin without a warning,so he remain a fakaa to me let me be easy with the poster

So is this one of Grandfews handles? the one who ran there to post rubbish about me and Kush thinking I am heading there? SMFH. Lol.
Guys here said they wanted a new forum. Yet they are here…no-one has time for Nattydread…He attacks women when he can and is totally nasty on forums starting imaginary wars.

We say these forums promote anonymity but i feel there is a clique of members who know each other.Especially those who decamped and formed the new forum.Their policies are very strict to non-owners.
Just enjoy your moment when logged in and leave it at that.Humans are the hardest animals to deal with.

I jienjoy vilivyo as Kibaki would say but I also let down my guard sometimes. There is no an0nymity in this virtual world anymore.
Yes there is a clique that thinks only they can have a say…but wakae hapo kikiki. My friend is working on a new forum to be launched soon which targets both diasporians and Kenyans in Kenya having open chats about anything inc our motherland and the world in general.