@meria mata...usiku sacco

Waacha I open tonight’s sacco please at 8.30 UK time . It has been a vvvv long day in more ways than one. One, I learnt that I lost my very good friend huko Shathay and therefore won’t see him in a few week’s time nikifika, I knew this bloody trip was jinxed. That cuts right deep. Then could not attend beloved nephew’s b’day na homa kali sana.:mad::mad::mad:

Then heard from my beloved Kush. Have a blessed week folk.

Mko wapi and what happened in your lives today? Each time I will be in a 106 mat I will never look at Kigwaru Inn.

Thenks @Liberty for keeping me sane today.

I love you
signed Guinness

Mee too. Luuurve your drink…

Was about to cuss yah out for daring to put up such a thread but you having a bad day so


ION just found out people think am Nigerian here and homiez back in Kenya put 5 on it also WTF!!!

mark register, lazy sunday leo…

watched kenya nyorosha rwanda 2_0 our boys did us proud,halafu my jirani musororagi na mutiaji akahama leo,what a wonderful day sasa usiku naweza relax rooftop na skank bila nyangau kupigia landlord na police kuwa kuna watu wanavuta kush …

bet thou zimekunywa maji sevilla walininyima over 2.5:(

Tuned! Kisii-Locked

You’re one of the few Ktalkresses that I’ve sworn to clobber before I kick the bucket.

Yaaa uyo mungikiress hajaoleo, mdombe na village threshold utupee majib

Mine and u will be an epic battle. Shindwe wewe…daring me???.Utapata ng’oooooo:p

I’m not daring you. I am merely stating my intentions. On the d-day, I want it to be smoothly shaved. Ok sweetheart?:wink:

What day is that?

On the eve of Babuon’s swearing-in ceremony.

Pls come now…I am dying…is it 11 Dec you mean? Niokotweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pls.:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

You won’t be giggling on the 11th.

You are on the rampage. What will I be doing then??? do tell…moaning won’t work.

Leo nimeangalia Facebook page ya Nyakundi… I died of laughter from the comments

Moaning is off the menu. Why should I spoil your enjoyment of the deed by telling you what to expect? :mad:


Daring the tigritide???..wacha tuone…I will show you what women can do. 11th Dec it is. Saa ngapi hivi? Kuja.

Come at 12 past noon. You’ll be glad you came. Literally.

Sawa see you then with you and your weapons.